The climate of the color world will appear as a result of climate change


Research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows that the warm climate of these ages should be in some places to be & # 39; reducing its water planets and other small organisms that can be used; including light and light appearing and so on; proof of water.

The more the water is green, it's greener, and it's greener. True, this change will be noted specific devices, not with the bare eye.

According to experts, plankton produces carbon dioxide from the environment, and these animals are important in the & quot; food, and so the plankton has a downturn to & # 39; threatening fish and different animals.

It is expected that most of the plankton will go down and there will be more blue water in sub-tropical regions, such as Bermuda or Bahamas, where there are already low plankton.

And, for example, in the South Pacific or some of its places; In the Atlantic, where plankton is favorable, greener water.

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