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BRATISLAVA, November 17 ( – Thanks to November 1989, Slòcaia could have been on its own. This was expressed by the Smer-SD partnership party on its official social network account during the 29th anniversary of the Revolution Revolution. According to the party's opinion, we should not give the people; Encourage and stand up for the freedom we are currently waiting for forgetting.

"Today we are recalling the 29-year event, with which Schoacaca was able to do its own way. Even today, on November 17, 1989, we can co- decide whether we want to look after old people, and encourage free travel on the train or a day in a public holiday. We should not forget people at have confidence and stand for this freedom in which we live. All of those people are with us, " party said.

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The Slovakians will remember the 17th of November Day of Fight for Freedom and Democracy

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