The cold message of Samuel Little, one of the largest linear marriages in the United States


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Samuel Little is in the Texas prison since he has been murdered.

Its name is Samuel Little, but for Tim Marcia's experienced researcher, this 79-year-old man is "very bad".

The American, who was convicted of three life sentences for the death of three women in the Los Angeles area, is currently in the Texas prison since he decided to talk about his serious crime.

There is little sayingkilledat least a 90 people between 1970 and 2013, a certainty that, if it were true, would be given to the slaughtered slaughter that was convicted by more victims in the history of the United States.

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"Believe it or not, you'll only see a few times a few hours," said Marcia, from the Los Angeles Police Department, to the newspaper. The New York Times.

"Looking in my eyes, I say it was really bad," he said.

And what is the number of misconceptions about the murderers that many have asked to have & # 39; pledged, largely against women, to leave unfortunately, police and prosecutors.

"He is frightening his clarity on certain things after all. Remember names and faces, tell Mikhail Mongeluzzo, Marion County, Florida for the newspaper, where Little one of the assassinations happened.

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Samuel Little (right) was sentenced to death three months in 2014 for a murder of three women in California.

To date, a number of researchers across the United States have received evidence They link Little in nine murders of all his family.

Many of the unresolved cases the archive was in at least 14 states from the whole of the USA they are kept according to what the person appears.

The people who suffer: poor women or passive people

Much has not been imprisoned since 2013 in Los Angeles for murder three women between 1987 and 1989, crimes on which he performs three sentences of life in prison.

But last July, DNA tests confirmed it share itThe death of Denise Christie Brothers dies, and so was transferred to the Ector County jail in Texas.

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There, an auditor is found with his newspaper The Washington Post How did James Holland win Little trust and he had talked about the past crimes.

An exboxer He collected one hundred acts for crimes such as theft, rape or armed robber for five decades.

He got out of his prison "again and again," explained Beth Silverman, Los Angeles procurator who received three sentences against Little.

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Samuel Little was arrested in Kentucky after joining him with a murder in California to prove through DNA tests.

These reveals show that Little has been a victim mostly women, many of them are poor or susceptible to alcohol or drugs, according to the researchers.

Often, such victims of victims have not yet been resolved in the United States, which may have contributed to their existence. restricted Little for years.

Neo-chonnadh, your brand

According to the sources mentioned by it The Washington Post and The New York Times, the man got the confidence of the women, hit them, disturbed them and put them to death.

Beth Silverman prosecutor said New York Times sexual motivation was a cause that was; Little moved, but said that the man was convicted if someone rapisted him.

Many did not say that he had raised problems, but prosecutors found semen on corpses and clothing of victims.

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"The way you get it Their sexual behaviors happen when they are in a position; expressed"Arthur told the newspaper.

That is one of the issues that they have recently identified Melissa Thomas, 24, and the bare body was found in 1996 in a churchyard in Opelousas, Louisiana.

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Researchers report Samuel Little as a "charismatic psychopath".

He said he met her on the street and invited her to use her car to use drugs. They were parked beside their & # 39; cemetery and when they were taking a sex in the & # 39; back, he began to cry his neck.

"Why are you still hitting my neck? Do you kill lines?" She asked, as Little told for the remedies, Crystal LeBlanc.

Then Little was wild and decided to kill him.

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For LeBlanc, it was really good Almost remember the names of streets, bars and the setting of a small church church Opelousas.

The man used his strength in such a great degree and suffered one of the people who had been suffering from him. suffering because he hit the broken spine volcano.

"Everyone knew God"

In today's history, Gary Ridgway, the "Murderer Green River", was imprisoned for 49 people who died in the 1980s and 1990s.

Randy Kraft killed him at least 65, but he is in prison only for murder 16.

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Gary Ridgway, the "Murderer Green River", is convicted of 49 murders.

"When we finalize, we expect Samuel Little to be confirmed as one of the worst serial marketers in the history of the US," said Bobby Bland, Advocate Ectorshire District, to the Associated Press. The New York Times.

The questioners agree There is little indication of any mark, which tells everything in detail, as he left the body of each woman a year ago.

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According to the description of the detectives interviewed with the papers, many do not speak enthusiastically about crimes and even laughter when it reminds information. "He is and in mind "they say.

Sergeant Mongeluzzo asked him how he had been arrested: "I can apply my life and what I want to do," replied Little , a & # 39; describes the poorer areas with drug problems.

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One of the people who suffered the "Green River Assassin", Debra Estes, spoke during the trial against Gary Ridgway.

The LeBlanc Tracker was told, "God made me like this, so why should I ask for a pardon?" The New York Times.

"God knew everything he did"he said.

It is the hope of her and her other researchers Several archiving issues can see a solution Now, Little has come to a decision about talking about his history.

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