The College College's Classical Football Graduation has already been out of trouble as an RPI


Before this, the NCAA published that they were RPI killing – the long-term time to go to # 39; determine who NCAA Championship should do – and include a new metric called NET. The move, on the face, was a great deal: RPI was a huge ranking system that had just gained knowledge in the winning percentages, although NET uses "game results, strength of a game, game setting, scoring edge, efficiency assault and protection, and the quality of benefits and loss "to quality teams.

Although the change was similar to development, the first edition of the NET recordings has been released after two weeks of play, and a boy they are doing; look terrible:

Kenpom's fastest look shows how he is out of his / her; this evaluation. There are two distinct advantages in Ohio State (26th in Kenpom) and four mountain cups are winning, but it is They think they are better than the Maui Invitational winners, Gonzaga, who have not been a behemoth in the final, the Duke. Kansas-who is undefeated by winners across Michigan State, Marquette, and Tennessee – in a certain way below with Loyola Marymount, who is the best player against the bad Town of Georget . Belmont is even at level 12, across teams such as Auburn and North Carolina, with frightening schools as Lipscomb and, uh, Kennesaw State.

Amazingly, these arrangements are being settled quickly, and we will soon forget the Ohio State. But when ESPN's Myron Medcalf appears, there will be two pages of the NET formula to & # 39; look. For any measure, a sharp edge measure is limited to 10 highest points, and large teams are expected to score the scores on small teams but also have the most spectacular prize of the season so far – Duke 118-84 a & delete from Kentucky – has been strengthened effectively. Secondly, the effective stats do not affect the quality of the challenger, means that the point ranking of each property against the Duke is as valuable as receiving 1.1 points per property against the Boston College.

So, get rid of each other because your preview did not have a timetable and damage to Kennesaw State and maybe some warranty. But for now, just take a while, and enjoy the phrase "Kentucky basket 61".

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