The combination of "lady-in-law" is not a teacher of ten thousand students wanting to go


On November 20 together, look at the beauty of the beautiful teacher, a beautiful, talented and talented scholar!

The school's attendance is so enjoyable and more exciting when all their staff "rain water". That's right, nobody is happy to look beautiful. Especially when it is a sign of wisdom, its beauty is more difficult to build.

Formal, beautiful teacher, good heart, poor student

Hoang Thien My (born in 1996, Vi Huong Primary school teacher, Bach Thong district, Bac Kan province) is famous for writing letters to the editorial office, seeking help for undoubtedly students.

The teacher enthusiastically, well for students

Bui Thuy Ngan – Bui Thuy Ngan's young teacher has five years standing on her; podium

Ngan said he had "thrown on his head" quite casual. In order to monitor accounting, banking or business, it should take into account A, D. However, due to the lack of university, her mother and family council, she went to Jerusalem to dedicate her. I think it's the "life of his" marriage, but the habits are away from the "sunstroke" for a & # 39; continue to remain faithful to this work.

In order to be able to stand on the podium, a daughter born in 1991 must have a & develops its knowledge regularly and often meets the experience of other staff exchange, effective communication methods. Ngan said, holding on student psychology remains the biggest challenge for her.

Bui Thi Hong Nhung, Long Hung High School teacher, Van Giang area, Yin Hung division

Including Mathematics 6 and 8, the teacher became a co-worker in 1993 by the father – teacher of Bui Manh Cuong, who is also a mathematician teacher.

Sharing about the teacher, Hong Nhung said that I was very young and I wanted to be a teacher later, standing on his / her; podium as a father When the new school received teaching work, Hong Nhung has realized that many students are not "new students".

Luu Thu Lien, a teacher at Nguyen Trai High School, Hai Duong

Experts have been aware of the beauty and beauty of Mr. Thu Lien in school and out of school for a long time and respect, love the young teacher is so beautiful and enthusiastic.

Hai Duong was a beautiful young man who appeared on some pages with the image compared with her; Mrs. Ngoc Han. A 9x teacher has a clear smile, a distinctive face and beautiful, beautifully lower for many girls, a well-known hot. The beauty of the tutor, Thu Lien, is the subject that many students, young people talk about.

My Ha Kim is the real name of Vu Thi Phuong – a teacher at Phin Phu High School, Binh Duong

My Kim Kim has a beautiful look, and so from the first day she has spread her image, it has been a "fever" fast throughout the social network.

Although many young people mourn that the handsome teacher "continues his / her husband to" give sport, "but everyone still has a # 39 ; praises the beauty of a young teacher "attracting" and she wants a hundred years of enjoyment for her.


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