The company completed a "hole hole" but they still have a "hole hole". pour money to fall


The opponent's opponent is Finnech

Five years ago, if you ask your bank enemies, other answers are the other banks. But final companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, Wechat, ZaloPay are now answering questions. Fintech is a pour out the money, but investors pour out money and their money; Most of the merchants. Banks are scared to attack them, said Richard Qi, Head of Mobile Solutions and Cloud Security at Microsoft, at the 48th UNHC Worldwide Ho Chi Minh Conference.

And Eduardo Francisco, former CEO of IAFEI, said that Fintech has not won money but the idea is good. Even Go-Jek or Grab (Calling Technology) must still pay an electronic tag for payment, and the bank is "making the check" of the user … Banks to be Fintech alliances.

In the end, Fithech's "gràdhaich" state managers, now it's interesting, because he re-appoints state control, changing the way Everyone … When managers reach access, they will use new technology.

Jose Antonio Quesada Palacios, Director of EGADE BS (ITESM), Mexico is similar to Vietnam when 50% of the population does not have access to financial services, and up to 50% of Mexico's population does not have access to services. Because there is no broadband network. There are 30 million people living abroad in Mexico. Moving money to the country at a very high cost.

Mexico is asking for illegal money to be reduced, including cash flow from drug trafficking, crime, etc. This is a government-controlled business. Another point of concern is that mobile money like bitcoin is widely used and that jobs are virtually allowed to be sold outside Mexico with items up to billions of non-visiting dollars.

In order to monitor the financial reforms of the Mexican government, the new Mexcio law needs to carry out surveys of related units in 2019.

The company completed it

Fintech companies are said to be the campaigns from the banks – Picture: BizLIVE.

The challenge of the new technology is network security

The importance of intelligence security is in the digital age and its importance; a great deal of fintech, but not yet confirmed in network security, said Richard Qi, Head of Mobile Solutions and Cloud Security. , Microsoft said that new technologies failed to billions of criminals without network security (ANM) too.

Today's current economic groups are attacking each other, buyers have put pressure on the world's leading companies. There is a white adventurer and a black hat. In 2017, network attacks have damaged around $ 600 billion worldwide.

But still, very few companies believe that ANM is a competitive advantage in business. Not all technologies are totally 100% secure, as if bearers want to install it they hide. The problem of how many lines of technology security costs and buyers buy. This is a "profit edge in a hack". For example, carriers who want to steal the software must cost $ 1,000 at least $ 800 … the browser will block them.

To ensure ANM, initiatives must first use the "trust network" method, which means that all the information required must be used; including being investigated for smoking. The risk is that you have tools associated with your computer, and # 39; account for 70% of what ANM has lost.

Nowadays the use of password in online business is now no safe. In the future, ANM does not use longer password; Instead, public and private "password" are used, which depend on signals for login without password to Windows 10 connections. Hide and use password instead of passwords .

It is surprising that Microsoft is the second largest organization that attacks the world every day. When cut, most skilled workers can not handle it quickly, only a humorous (AI) understanding can be saved. So, the US government is investing significantly in the AI ​​so that it does not be pressed by a cyber attacks as it was before.

Up to 90% of the technology in Asia-Pacific continues to be a network based, without a security-based identity. Although you use the internet to connect but only a secure infrastructure, the terms and tools are not attached.

AI does not block people's work

According to Jose Antonio Quesada Palacios, CEO of EGADE BS (ITESM), in the launch of 4.0 business with new platforms such as: blockchain, acting information (AI), real truth … they are changing Global financial services . World trade unions are also concerned about the imaginary knowledge (AI) that attacks human activity.

This is right in a range of vehicle businesses, a robot inventory that ensures people in many levels, or if the banking department wants a realistic, Using a true fact to communicate with human customers But, I do not worry, this is the problem here as training new skills to staff, helping them & # 39; return to work in a higher position …

A survey in Mexico shows 80% of businesses; think that they will truly help them to make the business better and better when they connect to customers to make sure that trust is common and favorable. South Westerly

It is a country in Mexico with high levels of corruption in the public and private sectors, with a new technology that will help with business simplification and jobs in business. The government plans to use blockchain technology in the tax management to control trades that are in place. including taxes and logistics. Even inventors, mining companies also need to use blocks to control the shipping network.

The new technology will create major modifications in learning when schools "in Mexico" will declare the "zSpace" program: real factual requests for teaching and research. In a tourism industry, a free business is a? bringing huge revenue, the government uses the latest technology, and visitors to the Central Airport are directly linked to destinations, or hotel accommodation . right at your airport …

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