The complete story about removing head of Agouza district from his post


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Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi, Local Development Minister, ordained the appointment of General Jamal Isma Mahmoud al-Sa'an, head of Agouza area, from his position and working in the Court Decree Cairo General when it reaches a legal age and is sent to its " pensioner.

Ministerial decision for Local Development, according to media statement on Tuesday afternoon, is for President of the President; community to talk inconveniently about the Imbaba citizens and Bulaq Dakrour and explained them inadmissible words at a meeting of the local administrative committee on Sunday, when the request for information from one of the women who was ; stay in the & # 39; Agouza community about & # 39; And many of them have no permission and to stay to five in the morning and their stay; making sound, long and many of the chiefs were in a position; criticism of the leaders of Imbaba and Bulaq Dakrur's leaders, including Deputy Bulaq Dakrur, MP Mohammed al-Husseini, said MPs said the President would Its community closed than cafes, & # 39; allows lawful legal and administrative law to close and skip these cafes.

The "Shaarawi" knowledge of the Ministry to guide leaders; Political leadership and its Prime Minister are well implemented. Citizen relations and mutual respect between local administrative heads in all sectors and citizens.

He said that a representative of the Ministry of Local Development in the meeting was excused on behalf of his / her. minister at the committee meeting on this description, He said that Imbaba and Bulaq Dakrur have respect and respect for the government and local administration.

The minister met that he met with leaders and cities in the local development center in Saqqara more than once and stressed the meeting on the need for the services that local people have. give citizens and listen to their problems and work to make them faster and communicate with them and not sit in office and presence among citizens.

Mohamed al-Husseini, a member of the local administrative committee at the House of Representatives, said that he "submitted a parliamentary memorandum to Dr. Ali Abdel-Aal and a memorandum to Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi, Local Development Minister, Inquired with an inquest with the old head of Agouza area, Maj Gen. Jamal Shobokshi. "Expressing that his & her; district commander complained "for his speech, but the apologist to the Local Development Minister is the apology to the Commission".

He sent the phone to "public opinion" with Amr Abdel Hamid on the «TeN» channel, when the request for the information was provided by MP Hanim Abualova on the chambers behind Balloon Theater and behind the president of the Agouza area, and during the response of Agouza area to the request of a meeting The committee, held on Sunday (27 January), was illegally held to the owners of the coffee shop, says "the neighbor's leader did not promise, and I respect the people of Imbaba."

He said that the decision of the Minister for Local Development is to lead Head President Agouza to her; Confirming that political leadership is keen to give respect to citizens, explaining that the president of the area has repeatedly preceded the boundaries of identity against the people of Shasaq and Bulaq. "Imbaba and Bulaq people have a respect and we will not be disturbed," said Khaled Kassem, spokesman for the Local Development Ministry.

He sent Amr Abdel Hamid on the "TeN" program, which the Maj. Hamdi al-Jazzar, Prime Minister Mahmoud al-Shaarawi, Minister for Development, as happened to Minister Shobokshi, and held a meeting, and decided to move Major General Jamal Shobokshi, To work in the General Administration of the department until you reach a legal age and a description of your pension. He continued: «within 48 hours he will be appointed as a new figure in the leadership of Agouza after examining the names given to the Minister and Governor Giza».

Speaking on his position, Mr Gen. Jamal Shobokshi, who was the leader of Agouza's neighborhood, "although he was present to consider an application from a community slavery advocate, Ahmad al-Sajini's local administrative committee leader attended the hearing.

"I thought the owners of coffee," he said in a telephone interview with Amr Abdel Hamid on TeN. "I could mention the owners of coffee shops as stones, and I mentioned those who are selling drugs and opening for five at the beginning."

"I honor the decision of the Minister for Local Development, Major General Mahmoud Sharaoui, and praising God. God did what he did, and I'm proud of what I did in the neighborhood of Agouza, "he said. It is a history that has been achieved. "

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