The compulsory referee is & # 39; Errors made by Vietnam to & # 39; main site spend & # 39; Sport


In the 77st game between Myanmar and Vietnam on the night of 20/11, Quang Hai has a powerful and powerful contribution needed to save Myanmar. After that, a member was made out, and # 39; allows Van Toan to break his / her; wall to hit the enemy nets, but then the Phubes Lekpha referee will again crawl away.

It is not worth mentioning whether the situation was slow and slow; shows that this was a very positive situation and Van Toan was not nearby. So, many people feel sad when they are. think the Thai referee made the unfair decision on Vietnam.

Even after the game ended, Fox Sports Asia's article said, "The event happened at the end of the game and attacked the Vietnam attack. They are entitled to a visit. keep Quang Hai, but allow his teams to break Myanmar's web.

However, the referee straightened the banner out of his case for many players as well as Vietnam fans. In the second replay, this ball is clearer and it's a bit wrong from the helper. So, the visitors lost the chance to win their main place. "

This shows, page Distribution Agree to the decision of the control referee on the & # 39; game. However, the game was over and the Vietnam national team was held in a game without regret any regret.

As a result, if they won this game, it was only Van Toan that was released to their first place, but also tickets early to the finals. However, only an informed decision was made that the plan fell suddenly ".



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