"The conditions are ensured that tourists who visit Iguazú do not need to be vaccinated against yellow fever," they say.


Before the Nation warns that Iguazú is "the risk of a yellow fever", Cristian Biscayart, Director of Immunoprevenible Disease from the Secretary of the Health of the United Kingdom, ensured that there are no issues of yellow fever in Cataracts. In the same sense, the Minister for Health of Mission, Walter Villalba, said the same way "that the conditions are ensured that tourists who visit Iguazú do not need to be vaccinated against their disease, as they have achieved 95% of the timetable of an anti-malarial vaccine. "
In the article published by La Nación newspaper, warners of warnings have already been announced, however in the same article, the Minister of Health of the Missions and the national departmental officer, Cristian Biscayart, a & # 39; eliminate risks for tourists about this disease. "There are no signs of diseases or mussels in Misiones," said Walter Villalba.
From Misiones, the Deputy Minister Maurice Closs asked for such publications: "It is difficult that national media will not investigate the information and eat the work of those who are competitors are uneasy to attract tourists. Again, and without one case, they return to talk to have a fever in Misiones, "the legislation said Twitter account.
It is also important to note that in the country there were seven cases of yellow fever last year, there was no vaccine and all of those who visited Brazil.
Iguazú was located in the last few years as one of the best international places in Argentina. In the same line, in the last 20 years, the National Parks were filled with five visitor numbers, where Iguazu Falls was one of the largest elected tourism destinations, and # 39; representing almost 40% (with 1.4 million) of the 3.7 million Visitors who received the National Parks in 2017 and 1.5 million in 2018.
At this time, for google, Iguazu is the second destination to spend the holidays. The officials said that tourists who want to visit this world ensure that the causes of the disease are certain.


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