The confirmation of New Horizons will be enclosed on & # 39; Ultima Thule remote group


Image of Ultima Thule with NASA New Horizon spacecraft.

Just a few hours before going on with Ultima Thule, the most far away by a spacecraft, scientists who have the NASA New Horizons mission are able to get a & # 39; first broad perspective of their target.

On a Sunday, a remote group of more than one billion and a half kilometers appeared beyond Pluto, because it was more than one phycho in a camera; spaceboat. But by Monday, with the New Horizons certification ever closer to 14.4km, the last one last, Ultima Thule started; appear shaped.

"We know that it's not accurate – that's what we can say confidently," said John Spencer, a member of the secret science team, during an evening afternoon Monday evening Monday at the Computer Science Network in Laurel, Md., Which is the headquarters for New Horizons.

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Dr. confirmed Spencer, who is alongside the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colo., The latest statue states that Thule's ultimate is a long-term, about 30km long, though not Still clear if there are one or more things in communication.

The photograph was taken on Sunday, when the spacecraft was still 1.5 million kilometers from 12:33 PM ET rendezvous on January 1. Due to the significant distance of its Earth program and comparative weakness, it gave scientists a number of hours to get the picture and stimulate it.

The consistent view with information from scientists who has affected the thing over the last two years as they did; Seeing they were going to and before; looking at star stars. A version of the image with elevated lines shows where the stars have been; pressed out as they went behind Ultima Thule, and two red faces showed how Ultima Thule would be guided if there are two things.

A scientist has been thinking about why there is no ultimate Thu & a; appear in clarity, which would be expected from something that was long and displayed within the short and long routes; as it moves.

JJ Kavelaars, a member of a science and rhetoric team with the National Research Council in Canada, said New Horizons has now confirmed that the item is spinning, but it is not yet clear what distance it is.

New Horizons, which came from Pluton in 2015, has now expressed its intention to Kuiper Belt, a division that is stretches far beyond the most remote planets of our solar system and thousands of dark, frozen groups over 100 meters over, believe that they are left to create the solar system .

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