The contribution of the tourism sector in the Saudi economy has over 193 billion royalty in 2017


The travel and tourism sector in Saudi Arabia has grown faster than the wider economy, according to the Tourism Information and Information Center (MAS) report of the National Commission for Tourism and National Heritage.
The statistical report showed the amazing development of the tourism sector in recent years, following the success of the National Commission for Tourism and National Heritage's efforts to establish the organization's structure and organization and, including regulations and regulations.
The report said that the increase in the national tourism grant to GDP is one of the largest economic sectors. Tourism revenue from SR 57.3 billion was raised in 2004 to SR 166.8 billion by the end of 2016, to reach over 193 billion guarantees in the year 2017, with the expectation of more than 211 billion by the end of 2018 -dràsta.
According to the report, the value added to tourism in the Saudi economy in 2016 (82.893.355), to increase 2017 to (100.017.729) royalties, with an increase in 2018 gu (107.346.397).
The report stated that 2016 (569.181) was the number of tourists' jobs directly and indirectly (134,369) for Saudi; in 2017 (993,901) off (283,262) for Saudi; with the expectation that he would arrive in 2018 (1,054,529)), where (304,759) for Saudi Arabia.
The report revealed that the total number of tourist venues in each section of the Kingdom 2016 at the beginning of the year 2017 at present, and expected to increase 77.8 thousand visitor centers by the end of 2020, shows that the rooms and hotels arrived from the beginning of 2017 to 509.8 thousand Hotel room and room, and it is expected that they will rise to 621.6 hotel rooms and rooms by the end of 2020, at the level of each section of the United Kingdom.
The transportation income of 2016 to SR 42,504,763; in 2017 (SR 58,472,508); in 2018 (SR 63,793,526); it is expected that SR 69,598,758 will reach 2019; And in 2020 to (75.932.268) kingdoms.
In 2016 (SAR 79,238,422); and in 2018 (SR 86,449,145), to be expected in 2019 to SR (94.316.046); And in 2020 to (102,898,837) kingdoms.
Tourism revenue and travel centers were in 2016 to SR 5,498,805; in 2017 (RO705,530); and in 2018 (SAR 8,406,735), with an expected increase in 2019 to SR (9,71,751) In 2020 to (10.006.384) kingdoms.
The total number of SR 2,706,671 income receipts operating in the entertainment services sector in 2016 (SR 17,379,366); and in 2018 (SR 18,960,862), with an expected increase in 2019 to (20,686,307) Riyals; and in 2020 to (22.568.767) kingdoms.
The revenue of tourism accommodation facilities in 2016 to SR 38,282,356; in 2017 (SR 31,147,272); in 2018 (SAR 33,981,684), to increase in 2019 to SR 37,074,029; In 2020 to (40.447.778) kingdoms.

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