The controversy surrounding trade ban in the Sejm. No change. "Will we not create weekend slaves"


– We have a good time to assess it in all respects after the annual implementation of the act – says Stanisław Szwed. But the tourist center does not explain how it considers effects.

– There is nothing black and white, and it is because there was trade restriction on the Sabbath year, and we sit down to speeches and examine the impact of the rules. They are tired, not truth and data. This needs to be changed – according to Adam Abramowicz, spokesperson for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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That is why the spokesperson with the parliamentary team supported entrepreneurship of a conference in summarizing the year on which Sunday trade was banned. In Sejm buildings, opponents and supporters gathered at the weekend sales limits.

There is no trade on Sunday. It has been more than a year since we could be buying every Sunday.

There is no trade on Sunday. The act returns to the Sejm

The result? Ideas from the start. And Abramowicz tried every day to impress the people and remind them that they were talking about truth, not opinions.

"No benefit in Sunday for free, it's good for a person!", "Nobody had died because of the ban on Sunday trading, Armageddon is not there!" "Will we not make weekend slaves." That is what representatives of companies and organizations that support commercial decline on Sundays said.

"Money." The government overcomes the ban on trade?

And against opponents? On the hand. "This is a conference by the thesis from the beginning!" "Polle franchisee is a worse kind of work that works for Żabka?" Overall, for nearly two hours, both sides argued about the final effect of trade barriers. Sunday. The result? There are no standard points. On the other hand, there are a number of recommendations that the debate was put on the thesis that not everyone could have appeared.

– The reduction in Sunday trading did not affect unemployment in Poland. At present 1.3 million Poles are working. This is greater than the previous year, trade almost 50 miles. more people. Unemployment is not rising – says Dr Janusz Rakowski, from the Industry and Commercial Congregation.

In the short exhibition, Dr Rakowski also argued that the number of shops has remained at the same level for years.

– For years, their numbers have been steadily declining, which has been happening since the beginning of organizational change. Foreign trade networks came into Poland as no butter, no restriction – he said. The Congregation seeks laws restricting the expansion of foreign networks and it is certain that support will be available at any time. It costs 500+ money for every child promised by PiS.

Trade banning is a problem for supermarkets and supermarkets

There is no trade on Sunday. Losses are lost

Other supporters? – I don't advise anyone to work 365 days a year. I lost my health, lost a spiritual peace, I nearly lost my strong drinks – Józef Pyzik, from the Kupiecka congregation of Nowy Sącz.

– I closed shops on Sundays and developed the network easily. I currently have 10 stores. I compared the income in January to January 2018 and 2019 and February to February. You can see an increase of over 20 per cent. Small shops with high quality adverts will already have a poor standard. The benefit of the 500+ money came as prices, through these adverts.

Other speakers have noted the development of foreign networks. And they quietly praised they were waiting for new solutions. Boundaries, constraints or urbs – that is what they said. There were no details on the proposal.

– Small sources that are emerging as a result of attack from Western networks, the effects of gallery galleries are raised in uncontrolled numbers and areas where they should not stand. Trade supplies have been supported by political practitioners for years. Soon, Poland might be the only major state without its own trade – it argued on Marzena Gradecka from the Think for a Future Foundation. And she reminded us that Non-Commercial Days are an opportunity for women working to look after their families. – None of the scenarios have been fulfilled. Unemployment has fallen, business income is growing – she said.

The recipe itself was criticized, but also the method of processing it.

Receipt of advance payment. "The government can totally withdraw from this idea"

– Staff can relax, spend time with family and give thanks. The society has accepted these provisions with understanding. Armageddon was not there, no one died as a result of a trade ban – Alfred Bujara, the chairman of Loyalty trade, added.

He was the first to address the solutions, Jerzy Romański from the Confederation of Trade and Representative Societies. He said the proportions were largely secured by elections that funded marketing and advertising.

– The Sunday Restricting Law announced a discount for the price of an aggressive price, which one of the legislators ignored. Shops were driven out of the market in many places. This applies to the food, commercial and textile industries. You should be careful about this as it is a speaker for small and medium-sized enterprises. And we are sitting at a conference with a thesis – Romanski said.

– We close everything? – Marek Jakubiak from Kukich asked 15. – I voted for this bill, but we have data changing the picture – he said.

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