The convicted person can not take part in the election


For two years or more convictions, there is no opportunity to participate in the election. The High Court has also looked at an appeal against the order the court has low, but the appeal can not take part in the election, even though the appeal is awaiting . He told his court, he does not. allows the constitution to hold elections on its head. He also opposes the original constitution against constitution. The High Court Fund refused by Justices Mohammad Nazrul Islam Talukder and KM Hafizul Alam Justice on the submission of five BNP directors for a & # 39; abolish the sentence given in a corruption case. As a result, several convicted persons, including BNP chairman Khaleda Zia Khaleda Zia, will be considered incapable for eleven elections.

In this regard, the applicant, Mahbubey Alam, commented on this idea, that there was no relief for those who were sentenced to participate in the elections. He said that those who submitted for the convicted sentence were all convicted. None of them were released out of their prison and five years have passed from freelance. If they were allowed to take part in parliamentary elections by stopping their & # 39; punishment, it would be against Article 66 (2) (d) of our constitution. That is why the High Court made the appeal expressing our arguments. He said that Khaleda Zia would not be elected for the next 5 years even after he had been solved at this time.

Crime Corps adviser, Khurshid Alam Khan, according to the 111st paragraph of the Constitution, states that the High Court is required to comply with the Electoral Commission. The Commission does not have jurisdiction to overwrite its & # 39; this review.

In a corruption case, BNP leader and former minister of the Amanullah Aman state, BP Abdul Wadud Bhuiyan, Alhaj Md Moshiur Rahman and Mohammad Abdul Wahab and DAB leader were convicted in the lower court. A.Z.M. Zahid Hossain. To participate in eleven Parliament elections, they appealed to the High Court to abolish the order, under section 426 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

The High Court ordered that we have sent us five individual appeals, the appeal is part of keeping us up, case forward. And while the appeal is awaited, the opportunity to participate in the selection is not in place, until the sentence is rejected in the # 39; court of appeal. In order to cancel the application, the appellant is convicted. And the convicted person has no opportunity to take part in the elections so that his right court can be abolished. As a result, there is an application to agree to agree against the opposition of article 66 (2) (d) of the constitution, which is not part of the criminal code.

In this section of the Constitution it is said, "No person may be elected as a member of the Parliament and be a member of the Parliament if convicted of any criminal offense and be is convicted of jail for at least two years and after five years after he left it was not spent. " As a result, the convicted person will be disqualified from the election in accordance with this paragraph of the constitution.

The order said again, the claimants said they have trusted. An appeal is awaited and the sentence can be set aside if the sentence is suspended. But the opinion of this court is that the claim or the person convicted of a trust can not be a worrying concern for removing the sentence. And there is no law to cancel the sentence. In this situation, the problem does not have a & # 39; canceling the resettlement of the petition. It is rejected because the claims are not valid.

Review appeal; Hearing today

An appeal for the sentence is appealed against the Kharij High Court trial. Zahid Hossain. An appeal was appealed for an appeal. When they appeared in court's courtroom yesterday, Justice Hassan Foyez Siddiqui Department Delegated them regularly to listen to the hearing. The hearing of the petition can be heard on the full appeal committee with the head of the Syed Mahmud Hossain Chief Justice.

The Khaleda Zia application is awaiting

Khaleda Zia was convicted of 17 years in two corruption cases. He appealed against the crime in the relevant branch of the Court. In this context, the secretary of his & # 39; BNR, Kaiser Kamal, BNP's legal secretary, will be submitted to court for a hearing hearing in due course. We have preparation arrangements for this. In the case of Asylum dependency, the High Court gave 10 years instead of 5 years for the Khaleda sentence. And in the case of a Charitable Trust, the court lowered 7 years of penalty. At the same time, ACC adviser, Khurshid Alam Khan, said that many other leaders of the BNP had not participated in the election as a result of the five leaders as a result of the reign of the High Court today. These are: Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tuku, Mir Mohammad Nasiruddin, Mir Mohammad Helal and leader of Awami League Haji Mohammad Selim.

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