The cook will oppose M-Net of a litigrapher


Things are heated up in the kitchen of a television cookery show that two petroleum chefs on the complaint have to do; Using the chefs of the chef, Nompumelelo Mqwebu without permission.

The exhibition, my kitchen will control South Africa that is broadcast on the features of M-Net who want a non-amateur foodstuff that will be a great deal. Cooking for a prize for money.

Mqwebu, a prize-winning chef, published his book, "In the eyes of African chef & Sowetan was noticed to her fans after two of her preparations from her book had been prepared last year.

She said that he was the recipes from the cookbook that was used without being allowed to be the gnocchi and isijingi dessert who showed the two competitions.

"It's a degree of disrespect for me as a professional chef, business woman, and author," said Mqwebu angry.

MultiChoice spokesman Benedict Maaga said that the two of them competed in their own version of how much time they had done after Mqwebu encouraged the exhibition.

"The special program focused on African food and the food competitors had to prepare food with African food.

"The competitors finished their own version of amadumbe gnocchi although it was inspired by a genuine concept of gnocchi given by Ms Qwebu," said Maaga.

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