The court decided that the acquisition of an accomplice Zakharchenko performance would be withdrawn for 380 million Right Toes | The Society


Moscow, March 12 – AIF-Moscow.

The court in Moscow 380 million turned ownership proposals into state income, which was related to Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko to the deputy, Dmitry Senin, TASS reports.

The law was registered by the Lord Advocate of the Russian Federation. The managing authority requested that 28 real investments be made in the capital of Russia and the Moscow province. T

These include: residential accommodation, rooms, land and parking. In addition, the prosecution's office needed five expensive cars to be removed.

The legal case noted that this building was unlawfully acquired and was caught while investigating a criminal case of corruption.

The court's decision has not yet been overturned in legal power, the parties may appeal against it within one month.

Colonel Zakharchenko was arrested in the 2016 fall on costs for getting a bribe of 7 million rubles. As they tried to find the place of his sister, they found money with silver in different places for the total number of 9 bills. The money was removed and converted into a state.

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