The court of Ontario abolished Mike Duffy's lawsuit against the Asset


The Ontario Superior Court judge of Mike Duffy's $ Duo lawsuit refused to reject the Canadian Assembly, arguing the Red Room and its members are protected by Parliament's benefits – being removed from the critical investigation here.

The decision is the beat for Duffy – who still represents P.E.I. in the Synod – as he has made some money compensation to be pushed, fought for a year to clarify his name following allegations of illegal costs.

"By allowing a court to review the decisions of the Secretary in this regard, this will impede the ability of the Assembly to act as an independent statutory body, similar to other government branches, "write a & # 39; Sally Gomery's Justice when its decision was published on Friday.

"Because the actions under the fall of these actions are protected by Parliament's privileges, I can not give any comment on their mismatch or unfairness or even the Covenant of the Grandfather's Duffy Convention. These are all the conclusions that the Assembly, and the Synod, are done. "

After a judge had been seriously convicted in 2016, Duffy sent his law against the Shannon, saying that his / her company was overseen his constitutional rights when he was seeking a scanner for the Parliament's expenses.

At the heart of the complaint there was a claim that the actions of both economic committees within the Shannon – a system that are systematically administered; Control of the room and its members, known as CIBA – and that the Seanate was very illegal and unfair.

He said that the disciplinary actions were against his / her case – a & # 39; preventing it from the body and without paying pays and benefits while & # 39; in which his criminal case continued – as a "never-known" power and as a result of being erased.

The Parliament's clear and clear clarity is: judge

Lawyer refused for the high house in the court that the Senate should be allowed to rule its business inside. They also said that grandparents should be able to execute penalties against another member of that group without fear of being a legal barrier.

Gomery, the judge who heard the Duffy lawsuit, agrees, says "benefit" clearly refers to barriers to declining decisions.

In a written decision published on Friday, she said that it would not be appropriate to bring Duffy's legal permission to the broad constitutional defenses that she has been. belongs to the Assembly under a long-standing principle of parliamentary benefits, which protect Parliamentary actions from court review.

Gomery said that while Duffy argues that there is no "remedial remedy" left behind; their court needs to be & # 39; In his case, she can not look at "constitutional requirements" that asks her to respect the benefits of the Parliament.

Another case against the RCMP for breaking out of another Charter is still before the courts.

On Wednesday, two days before the Old Michael Duffy saw his allegation against the defeat of the Assignee, Independent Sende Quebec. Peter Brazeau tweeted this photo, built inside the Red Chamber, with subtitles saying that the three genres had lived & # 39; B.S. inappropriate & # 39; (Sean Patrick Brazeau / Twitter)

In a statement, General Independents Sabi Marwah, the current chairman of CIBA, and former chairmen of General Conservative Denise Batters and Liberal General Jim Munson said they were "satisfied" with the management the court.

"The Superior Court and Ontario Court regulation supports the position of the Assignee that all actions in respect of General Duffy are protected by Parliament's benefits. the courts can not scrutinize the use of benefits and the detection of the tire of Assassin for those actions.

"The Parliament's benefit is to ensure that the degree of devolution required for parliamentary and legislative assemblies is required to receive them, and their members, their statutory work and debate with respect and efficiency. One of the ways in which the fundamental constitutional powers are fundamental respect. "

Lawrence Greenspon, lawyer Duffy, stated in Friday's statement that the judge was responsible for the "centenary of age" concept of parliamentary benefits to decide that there is no protection in the Convention of Freedom and Freedom belongs to grandfathers.

"This is an important issue, and General Duffy and I will take the time necessary to review our decision, and consider our options," he said.

"Today's decision does not affect the Senator's lawsuit against the RCMP, which is going on."

Duffy has made a complaint to the RCMP of a serious case when his housing and travel costs have been investigated because they have not allowed them to respond adequately to allegations against being issued criminal costs.

It is alleged that rights have been secured; The Charter was broken by Mounties as it was under "unlawful and unusual" punishment during the lawsuit.

Duffy's claim statement, first recorded in August 2017, has been protesting against his army; police officers are sufficiently trained and trained; Duffy's focus is uneasy because of his high public position.

"Sean does not leave Sean Duffy at removing a test to destroy her," the appeal is reading.

"There is still an important stigma. The Old Duffy still suffers anxious and physical damage due to ongoing damage and reputation that continues to the present day, including daily comment, mockery and mocking in the media all over the country. "

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