The court will go to; decide whether there is an offense to imprison for six months


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It was not Tomáš Řepka for three months ago; in the original court at Court; Town in Brno. Katerina Kristelová did not attend her; main test, she apologized every time. His attendance at Thursday was not expected at the appeal session.

An appeal against the six months imprisoned in August was correct in the courtroom. He immediately attacked the punishment of his companion. Jan Petrásek, the procurator's office, surprised the defense's advance.

"If I remember this well, there was something very special about this case. Tomáš Řepka filed an application as a legacy for himself and the other as Kateřina Kristelová for Kateřina Kristelová. In other words – Kristel did not accept It's a really unique thing that I did not meet before, and I'm thinking most of my colleagues, "said Petrasek,

The complainant considers that there is an uncommon penalty Rapp. However, he put the claim forward to adversely affect Kristel. His penalty is "at a single-day price", in his opinion, fair and fair.

Call me, I like it

Limits with Kristella ended in court for ad supporters and two pornotes based on the name of vice-representative Vlaďka Erbová.

Part of the advertisements illustrated by Vlaďka Erbová

Part of the advertisements illustrated by Vlaďka Erbová

In the first installment, last September, was published on the site, called "Vlaïka privat Brno" with the text: "Vlaïka is on the # 39 ; phone, you can send a message and arrange a meeting … I'm an entertainer with a desire to do anything … do not worry let us know, I'm just like this. "

There were photographs along the air, which could be known by the public; Vlaïka Erbová module. It also included a published telephone number.

After that, two beautiful counties with the names "Romka007" and "Cikanecka007" appeared on the pornographic website Through them, someone was talking about Erb and her; Talk to people with an interest in sex. When the model found out what happened and why his phone was loud on his strange story, she put down her words. The policemen began to respond to their & # 39; case.

"As soon as it appeared to him who was behind me, I fell. I was not able to have a daily approach, I can not sleep. I've been looking for enthusiasts, I'm going to cure for today, "Erb said in tears.

FOUNDATION: Vlaďky Listening Impairment The Arms was very aware (23. 8. 2018):

Darkness before eyes

"I'm sorry Mrs. Erb. But if my name is Rape, we do not stand here," she said she was accused of an old man. He only admitted to the first attack – establishing ad ad.

"These relationships (with the old lady) are good, they are always, I can not see a boy. So the situation has already been multiplying how I went to Unfortunately I was doing something short and I did this, and I'm really sorry now. A boy, stupidity, "said Repek ron court.

The bank warned that the advertisements related to the payment of a claimed charge were combined. Kristel ordered the cell phone the data that had to be paid, to pay "Gift" pornoinzerát.

"Why did Mrs Kristel accompany you?" She was interested in the & # 39; Judge Hanna Bartoňová. "She went to work in Barrandov, and since I did not have a driving license, she asked her to move her to her nearest bank. She did not know what I paid up her census number, which I wrote on paper. Tell me that it was surprising to pay money on the mountains. To make the process faster, write the number count to his cell phone, "explained Repka.

"Is the purse holding your hand?" She asked the judge. "Without me," said the defender without any doubt. "Is that that?" Yes, "said Rape." No … without Kačky, "he changed his mind after looking closer to the record." I lost twenty crowns, "explained e.

VIDEO: Bank photographs. Reconciliation by Christ paid for the advertisement (September 19 2017):

"It's been an email at [email protected] You also set it up," followed the Judge. "Indeed," replied the football. "Have you organized it specially for this event?" – "My friend helped me, he advised me how to start advertising." – "Why did you help?" – "I did not know how to do it. I did not tell him the same reason. I chose my password, but I forgot it. It was not important for me," said Rape.

"You can tell who was that friend," said Deputy Secretary Vlaďka Erb. "No, indeed, not," the person refused to defend.

The same e-mail was used in the second attack when it exposed "Romka 007" on the pornographic site on September 22, 2017. As far as possible, it was not possible; Ratka can explain. He refused to have anything like him and Kristel with this account.

On September 29, 2017, the third erbic icon of Erb, known as "Cikanecka007", was found on the 29th September 2017 at the Luxembourg hotel with Légère during the Amfora football tour, and included Rape and Kristel.

"We were about sixty-seven. On the night we drunk the boys, we talked about everything. It happened that I did this (it established dynamic progress), and so the question, if someone has not used against me, did not do it, he did not want to give me revenge, I do not know, "replied Rabbit. "Mrs Kristel was outside the hotel, she had a completely different event with the women, and perhaps with Mrs. Bohdalová," the football said; before.

VIDEO: "We will go to crime, love." Kristel and Rape Jokes (3/2018):

Examples and enjoyment

"Have you been thinking about the impact of your activities on the personal and professional life of Mrs. Řepková Bahenská?", Said Judge Bartoňová. "When you are in trouble and your darkness is in front of your eyes, you do not think about the effects. I did not think so," replied Rabbit.

The judge acknowledged he was guilty of the three porn activities. His hard work he did at a time he was connected. Because other penalties were not proven (of the previous 160 hours of community work for not keeping up keeping his son at a time; Judgment only 28.5 hours as he was on leave abroad – – Note: red.), punished for six months in prison.

Christians, according to court, are able to prove that they are participating in the & # 39; first attack – walker garden, giving thanks to bank record. So Bartoňova sent her financial penalty.

The judge did not also miss the sad way Řepka and Kristelová reported the crime on the internet. "Protecting the person, as the person, has been abusing and describing social networking of the ongoing criminal proceedings, which is rude to someone 44 years and a woman who is 39 years old, "she said.

For Ripe, a lawsuit does not & # 39; finished. It is currently responsible for its & # 39; broken. In December 2016, according to the file, he sold a car that did not belong to him for a million crowns. If convicted in this case, a & # 39; court was punished with prison for two eight years.

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