The Courtois case also opposed Cholo Simeone


Thrill Thrill Courtois opposed Diego Simeone on Cholo's statements for removing the effects of the Real Madrid player who won The Best awards. "He says things to create a reproduction in the proportion," said Merengue caretaker.

The Belgian, led by Argentine coach at Atlético de Madrid, said that "this is a football and you must respect each idea." However, he said: "The vote closed in June and I played for Chelsea. It's not fair that you hurt me."

In terms of Simeone's situation, the keeper was strong. "I spent three years with him and when you have fought with Real Madrid or big teams, he says so. To commit an offense, you have to do a lot. I know how this world is and I know desire. "

The words of the courtesy of Luka Modric, who were also on the front of Cholo, were added to the Courts words. "It's not right for our achievements to be reduced to their populist levels," said the central ball that won the Golden Ball.

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