The Courtoisescile negative siege of 1-1 Russia


Thibaut Courtois He was built as the character's main character Belgium-Russia, duel of the first day of sorting Eurocopa 2020. Curator Real Madrid, who does not exceed his best time in the white club, has been responsible for the attractive picture (1-1) on the scoreboard. Eden Hazardon the edge of the rest, they forgot; his companion's mistake with the company 2-1.

a & # 39; Belgian Team, with Eden Hazard As a stiletto, he started with the member's ball, but it was not from the time before Russia put it, more comfortable and did nothing more than that. In fact, the Russians warned at the beginning of the game with some accountant, who died at the hands of the person t Courtois. (High Court support after losing property)

But the pupils Roberto Martínez They took advantage of the first time Russia to make the first one. Supporters He opened the quarter to an hour and burned it down and stick it to the stick that he didn't Gilherme. Although only a few minutes did the parties enjoy from the time they went The world. What happened Courtois getting a member and under pressure Dzyuba, give the link to it Cheryshev.

A grinding error that shows that Belgium is not in good time. Assessed by some of the department of madridismo 41 visits in 31 matches with the Madrid– – come Zinedine Zidane the owner has returned to him Keylor Navas in the first game against Celtic and so on Courtois to the second plane. We will have to wait for the end of the season, but the French coach expects to go in the next 10 days.

The Belgians took a step forward after their warden's mistake, trying to get back before the break. Batshuayi he could put the 2-1 put in, but defend them Dzhikiya He took her under fire. Then he appeared Hazard and all of your tools for error; to make the mistake Courtois. End Chelsea access and pressing into the area Zhirkovwho did. Goal and again Belgium in front (2-1) rest.

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