The creation of enhanced-value mining materials contributes to the competitiveness of Arab products in the; global marketplace


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Post: Tuesday 27 November 2018 – 1:33 PM | Last updated: Tuesday, November 27, 2018 – 1:33 PM

«« Mullah »: Presentation of strategic miners at the Arab Ministers meeting on Mineral Resources

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Adel Al-Saqer, Senior Director of the Business Development and Mineral Development Group, asked to attract investment in the mining sector in the Arab department to create high-quality metal products that enhance the competitiveness of Arab products in & # 39; global market. To the Ministry of Petroleum today.

On the border of the 15th Arab International Conference on Mineral Resources over Egypt, Al-Saqr gave a weight on the & # 39; including Cairo for the 15th session of the conference and the exhibition that accompanies the theme "Investment Minging and Development Economic in the Arab World" in Cairo from 26 to 28 November. Under the support of President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi.

Al-Saqr said that mineral wealth and suspected substances of an international economy in Egypt, which make the mineral division into one of the most important economic sectors that participate in & # 39; Achieving broadly improving and contributing to & # 39; implementing the 2030 vision onwards. He stated that Egypt is a long-term survey country. The Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority is one of the oldest geological areas in the world. It dates back to 1896, so it is possible to benefit from Egypt's knowledge in this area in the Arab and regional areas.

It emphasized the need to take account of the environmental species at all stages of mineral activity, to use modern technologies and promote scientific research in this area, and to # 39 ; the development of the Arab craftsmen and the enterprises working in the region to achieve the best use of natural resources to meet the needs of their generations and to provide resources for future generations.

He said that the Arab Department for Business and Mineral Development is working to promote Arab coordination and collaboration in this important sector by publishing and researching and completing digital and geo-mapping maps through a gateway geological, established for the benefit of Arab centers in geological survey. And technical activities to enhance interpretation of the Arab metal division, and in the coordination of mineral and legislative policies and an explanation of and improve the investment of mineral investments in Arab countries.

He indicated that the mineral division's objectives in the Arab world are less than the aspirations compared to existing mineral resources and potentially , to government centers, private centers and research centers need to work together to contribute to the contribution of the mineral wealth sector in the Arab economy. Especially and effectively in achieving comprehensive and sustainable economic development of the United States.

The Minister for the Marine and Mineral Resources Tariq Al-Mulla gave a presentation on the importance of strategic minerals in a renewable energy sector and detailed businesses through the seventh meeting of Arab ministers involved in mineral resources present ministers Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Somalia, On the border boundaries of the conference.

Al Mulla said the importance of ongoing coordination and consultation between Arab nations in the mining department, according to the raw materials available to preserve the mineral richness in the best way, by & # 39; Supporting the collaboration between the Arab Group and the Arab Minerals Company to develop and develop alliances in the department through mineral research and development company, A development strategy focusing on the practical aspects of the academic under the new technologies.

He said that the child had sent the suggestions to his / her conference and his / her; before previous ministers held in Saudi Arabia in 2016, as well as the review of the group's actions in the mineral wealth sector during the last time taken over .

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