The Cristián Arriagada actor presents unambiguated images of his TV marriage and Exhibition


Last November, the actor was last year Cristián Arriagada (37) He was married to the civilian María Cecilia González, a graphic designer, who has her relationship since 2012. The same month she married her couple again, this journey to a religious.

At that time, Gonzalez shared some of the civil service images on the Instagram privately, where he showed the simple information that was famous for his wedding. "I'd like to marry, but I'm not as something," said Arriagada before she married.

Then, French television director Yann Yvin, in the two-story stories of a director of the director of the director of Channel 13, who was renowned for his career as Monito & # 39; in the telenovela Units again.

Two months after the union, the actor publishes new drawings of wedding dresses, where the designer can see a uniform wedding dress and Arriagada with a handsome suit of two pieces.

As he said, The images were shared to mark the 2019 celebration. "New Year, a new visit! Together with my Cecilia, we thank our families, our friends, friends, and all those who point out that their crown We have been very good to have the crowning of the year 2018 in the best way, "he wrote in the public.

(Click middle of the right of the image to see the two images)

In the 2014 interview in the program Confidential by Francisco Saavedra, Arriagada said he met his wife and thanked the brother of the actor Jorge Zabaleta, Nicholas, who gave him. Although she did not notice it at first, they could reinforce relationships.

It should be noted that Diego Portales University González learned and is a director of CePa's graphic design studio, which specializes in branding, editorial design, environments and website.

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