The Customs Office sent millions of penalties: Price-mess in the bicycle trade – economy


The Chartered Office of the ZEG worldwide globally terminates 13.4 million euros.

The "Medium Purchasing Partnership" has been making the lowest price requirements for 47 bicycle vendors and thus "created a similar situation with the sales range of retailers who are selling. participating, "published by the Bundeskartellamt Tuesday in Bonn.

The 47 traders do not have to pay anything because they were in a weak position compared to the ZEG. The sale was not available for comment.

According to the Office of Federal Constituencies, ZEG worked in the business review and their payment was already agreed, the fine is therefore legal.

It is a community of shops. a company that covers around 960 across Europe and 670 bicycle retailers in Germany – even the 47 retailers, where Office has a " Chartered part of the low prices, as part of it.

ZEG has a strong market position with headquarters in Cologne, the company has an annual growth behind it. According to a German German Gazette, in 2016 he created a sale of 666 million euro and a profit of 3.4 million euros. ZEG offers its own motto as Pegasus, but also its own. Sale of bicycles from makers such as Kettler.

Prices boundaries are legally restricted in alliances, but their current case has been at # 39; blow the legal framework from the Office of the Cartridge Office. "This has also made a huge impediment to the price competition between members of their purchasing cooperative in terms of customers," said Antitrust Director Andreas Mundt.

The contracts are sufficiently enough back to 2007. They did not finish until February 2015, when the business was made by the officials of the business building.

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