The Czech actuary is in a bad state in hospital


Czech actor Jana Štěpánková in the hospital.

Striving with bad bad lungs. "I'm very ill. I do not have the temperature, but you know that it is a disease that is in a great deal. And at my age? And I clot on my lungs. I do not know if it's okay. I'm really unhappy about it. We do not know what we get, " she said. "But they're very careful about it. I have to finish it, it's a hard exercise for me," words Aha! A 84 year old Patient in Vinohrady hospital in Prague.

Jana Štěpánková was born in Zilina. A long-standing member of Prague Theater in Vinohrady is a Slovakian watchman and an observer known above from the Tbhh Ospadal series on the outskirts of the town (1978-1981) and the revision. She also starred in a General Family (1971 – 1972), the seven season race (1998 – 2005), The Trailer (2006), The First Republic (2014) or Dr Martin Martin (2015-2016). She also featured in the films Anjel Pána (2005), Participants Around (2006) or Rodinka (2010).

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