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As a result, Dr. Mohsen Al-Nadi, fellow medical consultant, advises that a cup of juice should be taken daily for healthy people who do not have a healthy eye. suffering from diabetes because a percentage of sugar that is considered dangerous to the owners of this disease. South Westerly

He said that juice is rich in rich spirits and minerals; Strengthening the protection of its called "defense system", because it is a including patient A, which enhances the health of cells in the skin and the mucous sprays, and which is play an important role in promoting white blood cells and that it also plays a " In raising antibodies, and its & # 39; help to maximize the interferon product, a protein that is responsible for a & # 39; fighting viruses.

Vitamin E protects the cells of cells, and preventing getting older, and also iron, zinc and copper, are the main minerals that are responsible for having a " make cellulose cells, which help to eliminate their & # 39; getting older.

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