The dangerous and infectious bacteria that live in mobile phones


Doctors from Spain have usually found the most common bacteria in mobile phone surfaces. The heat generated by these devices, their regular connection with contaminated landowners that they have distributed and used to bring about in each place creates the perfect conditions for growth in a range of t different types of microorganisms which may threaten health, according to Dr Mikele Macho, a member of the Microbiology and Health Promotion Society of Spain.

“Moving machines are made of flat and inconsistent surface, often protected by plastic build-up protectors, which allow heat and sweat to heat, and set out heat. 'a favorable position creates for microorganisms to grow,' said Macho who also works as a physician at the Basurto University Hospital (Basque Country).

This expert ensures that a number of species of this species are typical of this species Staphylococcus & 39;, which is responsible for infectious diseases such as impetigo and cellulitis (refractive) and ear, such as otitis externa.

Macho says that smaller bacteria than the species are known to a lesser extent 'Streptococcus & # 39;, perhaps blocking packets of thick material through the mouth or nose, it can cause pharyngitis or a large pile of creels. Also, this Poor hand hygiene after leaving the bathroom and the connection is later with smartphones; responsible for finding enterobacteria such Escherichia coli; or 'Salmonella';, important representatives of bowel diseases.

Bectors were 'Klebsiella penumoniae', 'Pseudomonas aeruginosa'; 'Acinetobacter baumanii & 39', also found on the mobile screen. These micro-organisms belong to a species that causes infectious diseasesthat is, they are usually attacked by the most likely number or in a defense situation.

The most important measure of restraint

It was pointed out that mobile phones as well as a focus on the spread of bacteria can also be a way of crossing t remove bacteria or fungi in the environmentlargely attacked by respiratory trails in dispersed times.

However, Mikele Macho demonstrates that “the most important and effective measure” is to help reduce the risk of disease, particularly the hands, keeping them clean by day with soap and water. Also, it's necessary disinfectant the mobile device they routinely use microfiber with alcoholic children.

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