The dead body of SH SH is killed two knights going to court


Nguyen Tan Tai and Nguyen Hoang Chau Phu from left to right at police station.

In particular, the HCMC Human Court stated that Nguyen Tan Tai (SN 1994, who lived in Area 12) and Nguyen Hoang Chau Phu (SN 1994, who lived in Mon Mon ) Murdo, "" Positive reduction, "and" Occupancy deed. "

In connection with the event, Ngo Van Hung (SN 1986) and Trinh Thi Nhu (SN 1991, Hung woman, who were recorded) also went to court with her; behaviors "to hide the crime." Two subjects were made by Tai and Phu and two knights were killed in May 2018 yesterday.

Depending on the certificate, Tai is the deadly knight Nguyen Van Thoi and Nguyen Hoang Nam on the Mang Thang Cach Street 8 on May 13. Tai and Phu often stole each other to steal and sell the motorbike to spend it. On the afternoon of May 13, Phu is a little to steal. Phu took the tools to steal a motorcycle bicycle with the knife and then run out to steal them.

When these two things go on the Revolution August route (Area 3, HCMC). After that, both of them stopped to reach the SH that was built in front of a fashion shop in Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, Tai to lock a lock, to escape.

At this time, the knight of Tan Binh, led by Tran Van H on the way, found that the members had control over squad and were executed with two challenging knives. Two knights died, Three knights were injured.

Two death knights were named Nguyen Hoang N and Nguyen Van T. Three three wounded knights Tran Van H (47 years of age, temporary accommodation in the Tan Binh area, City Ho Chi Minh), Nguyen Duc H (22 years of age of Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City and Dinh Phu Q (22 years old, based in Cu Chi District, HCMC).

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