The deadly accident film made by a drug driver after spending time in the club


A young man in Phralaf, who was drinking alcohol and drink, was very distressed and, in a different place, went over to walkers who walked quietly to be work.

The deer threw fingers on the asphalt and died immediately. And the driver ran away from the scene. He hid his car in the base, but he did not realize he lost the licensing plates after his / her; impact. That's what he got. Drugs tests then showed that he had carried three types of prohibited material, among them cocaine and cannabis.

At four in the morning, after a friend had spent friends in a club in the capital, the 28-year-old was Nicolae Grigorescu Boulevard. At that time, Alin, a young one of the same age, was going to work, crossing his visit.

It was hit completely and thrown 50 meters away. The boy stayed unconcerned on the road, but the driver continued on his journey.

Evidence: "The impact has been heavily audited, from the other crossing. There was no movement, without speed, the only thing found that the other person lost the registration numbers and so it was marked. "

Candidates of 112, and the victim was revived with the steam doctors who came into the scene, but no result. Alin was named dead. At the same time, the driver ran away and hid at home. Immediately, all police teams were promoted in the area, with 20 other constituents being a special time. Soon the giant was caught.

The young man will be holding an ITP station in Bucharest, along with his brother. In the morning he knocked his father. The device was found 15 minutes after controlling the underground of a building near its; that trip. It was taken to the Road Brigade, where it will be until the investigation is completed.

Sub-commissioner Ionel Bratu, Head of Road Disasters Service: "The driver was tested, it was found that there was a 0.32 alcohol level, tested by the drug test, and got to spend three prohibited materials now, the victim has gone irregularly. "

Alin, the one who lost his life, was passionate about music and worked in a casino in the capital. It was Sunday morning; when he hit the car.

The victim of the victim: "His mother's mind, she saw on the television, said the news, God, maybe she was Alin. She asked me that he had a phone locked and Then I called here at the police station. "

At the Road Brigade, the relatives of the victim were able to; face face to face with the driver who did not stop his first aid.

His father's brother suffered: "It is seen he has been drinking now too. No, he does not have a business, he's now hanging up."

If we want to analyze Roman police data, we may say that we see a blast of the number of drivers that are infected. driving the drug. From 2017 to 2018, the number of drivers affected by prohibited substances has doubled.

The driver still exiles in police custody, waiting for his test that can be traced behind the bars. For deadly killing, escape from the accident site and his / her; Driving under alcohol and drugs, it's between two and seven years of jail.

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