The death of Emiliano Sala was named


Naming Emiliano Sala, the 28-year-old died with head injury and corpse.

Completing the death of Emiliano Sala

In January, Cardiff successfully made Emiliano Sala from Nantes £ 15 million. The stripper born in 1990 is the most expensive contract in the history of the Welsh team. On the way from France to Wales, Cardiff, Sala and the David Ibbotson test have been lost.

Death of the image published by Emiliano Sala

Emiliano Sala died from head and body injury

After many research initiatives, it was found in distress. The Salt plane and the David Ibbotson pilot were found at a depth of 67m from the sea. A body was found in the shipwreck.

After several days of research, local authorities have confirmed It is the group on the plane of Emiliano SalaryPost News Publishes & # 39; BBC recites the recital: "Information from the Dorset Regional Royal area confirmed that a group found in the plane was ported to Portland port, who was the director of Emiliano Sala"

Following the passing of a Chamber of Commerce to Portland on 7 February, the forensic researcher Christopher Bradbury made his intention and finished Sala's death. He confirmed.

"He died from head and body injuries. I see signs that have a strong impact because of his wound. Sala may have thought to escape the plane but he failed.

Royal NHM fun was very difficult after Sala's death. The research for the David Ibbotson pilot is still going on. Today, Ibbotson's wife and daughter said they would not stop trying to find her.

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