The death of Janice Freeman's Voice was announced


The death of Janice Freeman's Voice was confirmed, after the death certificate had declared a 33-year-old death with a lung embolism.

Media reports in the USA have revealed that the large singer is also living with Lupus, an infectious disease that causes the immune system to attack its own natural resources.

This was recorded as a contributory factor to Janice's death on 2 March, which was reported as a problem caused by the grip of a grip and blood seizure.

Janice rose to prominence after turning on the 2017 series of The Voice, as part of the Miley Cyrus Team.

The cause of death for Janice Freeman was released

Janice on The Voice

In a report published on Instagram at the time, representatives of the show's fans were announced: "We are at the heart of her heart that Janice Marie Freeman will die on 2 March 2019 from t The plight of a serious epidemic and blood fever traveled its heart.

“While she was at home her husband, DR CPR, played until the ambitions arrived.

"She died in a local hospital shortly afterwards."

Janice Freeman was closely associated with Miley Cyrus

The statement continued, “A perpetrator and a fighter, and a beautiful army in this world, have been acquired for so much success by NBC's success. The Voice as a member of the Miley Cyrus team.

"Her story has been influenced by her fans throughout the country, after struggling to find out about the life and longest of their lives and their survival. to fight lupus. "

Miley herself was destroyed by Janice's death and recently broke down when she was speaking at the funeral.

Miley Cyrus was hit hard by Freeman's death

At the time, when news came of about going past at Janice, Miley wrote on Instagram: "I miss you that it is so big. In every place … but that's how you did. Well." not only did you always get out of it.

“I'm trying my best today to mark your life but I can't support it but I am sad about a lack of absenteeism.

“All texts I get, are you just telling me you're praying for ME.

Miley broke down in tears

"As you were not as easy as I understand. The way you find your good thing is everything. You are now a rainbow. A lovely thing that comes after something like that miserable. "

The pair struck out so big that they came close to close friends, with Miley helping to deal with Freeman's house bills for six months in 2018, to help her stay financially sustainable.

Miley played at the Freeman memorial, beside her father's Billy Ray Cyrus, before giving a guest lecture.

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