The death of the writer Claude Péloquin


The writer Claude Péloquin, to whom we should especially refer to the words of the mythical song "Lindbergh", is estimated by Robert Charlebish and Louise Forestier, who died.

Claude Péloquin died on the night of most of the Sunday cancer at a mitigating care case at Marie-Clarac Hospital in Montreal, named after Tuesday, his associate officer, René Corbeil, who is also a # 39; talks about himself as his best friend and lounge.

The poet was 76 years old.

Claude Péloquin is also famous for reciting the legendary sentence "You're not sick of a deadly diesel boat?", Carved by sculptor Jordi Bonet on sea, Grand Théâtre de Québec in 1970 to invite Quebecers to take their own hands.


Claude Péloquin was born in Montreal, August 26, 1942. Bard, writer, writer-writer, screenwriter and director, was never scared to argue with his writings and his words.

As an author, Claude Péloquin has commented on ten books in his career. The first "Jericho", a collection of poems, was published in 1963. Recently, the artist launched "The poet on fire" (2014) and "The fatal waltz" (2017).

In 1964, he founded the "L & # 39; Horloge" group, by Serge Lemoyne, Yves Hébert and Jean Gauguet-Larouche. A year later, he set up the Zirmate together, dedicated to "full" search ", which is particularly desirable to Expo 67.

In 1968, he produces texts for "L" Osstidcho "and will include the hymn that is the" Lindbergh ", which gives him the Felix-Leclerc prize for his & her; done in Canada. Claude Péloquin also wrote for Robert Charlebois in the 80s, among others for the "Super Position" (1985) record, before moving to the Bahamas, where he lived for fifteen years. He returned to Quebec in the late 1990s.

He wrote and directed for his National Film Board (NFB), the "New Man" (1969) and "Ball of Gin" (1970). In 1971, he won the Canadian Film Prize in Toronto for the best movie documentary for "The New Man", a co-design by Yves André, who has a logo "You are not tired of being & # 39; dying of a cellar? "The driving force.

In 2009, Claude Péloquin wrote a poem to be read by Guy Laliberté's businessman during his journey in space. However, there was a disagreement between the two men to turn Laliberte and his collaboration with Péloquin. Lastly, Yann Martel, who gave up Laliberté's prose during his visit to the place. Then, its case ended, through translation media, between Robert Charlebois, to speak to her; subject, and his old acolyte Claude Péloquin.

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