The decision of the Slovak Biathlon Federation is illegal


Their officers officially moved to investigate the SBA's illegal behavior with the Chief Sports Officer. The Disciplin Commission on the Biathlon Slovaci Unit has banned the two sisters at their Friday session from participating in competitions related to the Soviet Republic. According to a member of the Disciplinary Commission Ľubomír Lepeň, the Fialks did not urge a decision to presidium by; failure to sign a contract to be signed by all the agents.

The High Court office agreed on Monday to the sanctions and sent a statement to which TASR was sent; published entirely without content editions: "GARANT PARTNER's legal rod tells us that our clients of Sister Fialk did not enter into a contract for the preservation of state sport production. A draft Treaty on the Biathlon Slovacian Shape was sent to sports representatives State in circulation Section 29, paragraph 3 of the 440/2015 Act on Sport as amended.

The Sports Law clearly establishes the rights and responsibilities of the sports sportsman are regulated by the " sports group, and not a contract to go to; embed national national representation. A rule implies an agreed activity in the form, for example, a Real Representative, which, after accepting the Sport Act, on the Ministry of Science, Research, Research and Sport has been published directly by reference to Section 29 of Section 3 of the Sports Act.

A sports representative's contract is designated by law solely on sports in the individual sports field of the individual, which can be signed by both parties outside the legal framework. Despite these facts, the League is a expressed on her / her conception, where there was one paper in two reasons together with parts related to the production of state sports with business intentions, who were also involved in the better use of personal rights the athlete. Despite our disagreement with the organizational form in which the sporting society wants to address the relationship with athletes, we have made our best efforts to become a & # 39; Declares that Fialkov's sister-in-law agrees with her fellowship on the use of Fialkov's paternal rights about her abilities.

As there is no agreement in this area as a result of opposing ideas and ideas, a national body is not entitled to use and strengthen the athlete's personal rights under the Fun Act, which we agree On the basis of unsuccessful negotiations, our clients, in recognition of the most interested in Slòcaia production, signed and received a Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport, who refused to accept the sports club .

As a result of the illegal method of the British Biathlon Society, disciplinary control – an impediment in competitions related to the representation of the Soviet Republic – The signature of the Agreement is no longer stated The scope of the Act is unsuitable in the legal order of a Slovak Republic. Such a Charter would be invalid in accordance with its Civil Code because it was not freely and widely signed. On the basis of these facts, we put official movement to investigate the illegal method of the Biathlon Slovacian Union with the sports superintendent, " It is written in the opinion.

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