The defeat had been returned from Boston to Providence to AHL


The Japanese hockey defender Jakub Zbořil from Boston returned to Providence to AHL low after nine days. The 21st anniversary of the Brno Chomet on Friday were losing at the Dallas 0: 1 NHL premiere and also on Saturday to win a Arizona 2: 1 prize. Due to Wednesday Wednesday, where the Bruins 2: 3 lost the priority, Zboril did not get involved.

In both games, he placed an average of 11 minutes on the ice and put one picture on it. There will be another chance in the Boston board on the farm. For Providence, he went into this season in 13 goals, set four points for two goals and the same number of support.

She confirmed a version of Boston in 2013 in her first visit in the 13th place. He had been working in Providence during the past season. He highlighted 19 points (4 + 15) in 68 matches in the AHL center and did not play in four games. He went overseas in 2014 and spent three quarters in Saint John's Sea Tin at QMJHL.

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