The defendant refused the witnesses' testimonial


Late on the afternoon of November 20, Mr Hoang Xuan Phong (Room 2 – C50) and Mr Nguyen Huy Luc (Head of Staff – C50) suspended from work) were called to court to the accused person. Nguyen Thanh Hoa.

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Mr Huang Xuanxiang went into court

Before they have received the certificate, ask their & # 39; court on both to be called for the evidence certificate to be issued before the test. At the same time, the Chair wants the remoteness of witnesses to ensure unreasonable certification.

The witness persuaded his certificate

Representatives published the procuratorate diary on the certification of the two police officers mentioned above, showing that they were repeatedly recited on the Rikvip card game and # 39; Showing signs of crime but have not been accepted.

Mr Hoang Xuan Phong was the head of Section 2 of C50, working here since the Department was established until Mr Hoa was arrested. Mr Phuong is his post. When invited by Phu Tho's security checker, he gave evidence and made a decision by Mr Hoa.

Mr Phong praised the re-screening of the certificate, due to the long term he did not remember information.

Mr Hoang Xuan told Mr Nguyen Xuan Trong (Section 2 staff) describing how the RikVip game was implemented, he said to Mr Hoa. Mr Hoa said that a CNC company in the face of the company's office was to; Reporting the leaders of the General Department and the heads of the Ministry.

"After many oral reports, by mid-2016, I have written in writing. I do not remember about August 2016, Mr Hoa signed the General Department for a statement to the Ministry. There are lots of games, including RikVip … "- said in court.

Then, the Chairperson invited the accused against that. Bao said that Hoa's certificates were not true. The defendant reported that there was no written report or oral comment from Mr Phong and Room 2, but only oral reports Mr Nguyen Huy told him.

The VKS asked Mr Phon: "When you know that RikVip is recited to the Director in any room, who knows?" Mr Phong said in the office, reciting the Hoa Minister, two people are present.

Mr Phuong stated that he had made a decision by Mr Hoa at his survey body, the interview was recorded and recorded. He held the certificate at the meeting.


Then, the chairman asked Mr Nguyen Huy Luc (when he impeded work, formerly employed by the General Staff Office, Department C50 at that time Mr Hoa as Director) for reply .

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Nguyen Huy Luc came into court

Luc said, in 2016, an overview of CNC's governance records is stored in the General Workers. After reading & and # 39; Understanding, Mr Luc said the CNC Company was running a game to & # 39; overrides the Rikvip game industry. He then told Mr Hoa that his game features had broken the law and the stadiums. But he said "this activity is not illegal".

"Times I'm reporting, there are many witnesses," said Luc.

With regard to letter 352 to the General Director, Mr Lu stated that Mr Hoa had been written. Main content of this official report on the Vietnam online game industry, which includes two RikVip and 23zdo games. In this text content two port games are allowed by MIC, but not so …

"I have identified many advice, not only a mouth report, saying there are games in terms of breach, potential hazards. Staff advised many things, once again broken it disturbed them and so I do not recommend it again, "said Mr Luc.

Did the proxyrate ask for the investigation process to counter Mr Hoa? Mr Lu confirmed that there is a decision, there are representatives from the inspectors, inspectors, lawyers of Mr Hoa and Mr Hoa. The content is recorded sound and video, and Mr Luc has the same content as the front.

At the court, Nguyen Thanh Hoa confirmed before Deputy Minister Le Quy Vuong sent a statement on two unauthorized payment gateways, but there is little explanation.

Mr Luc also said that when he was a leader of staff, he knew that the CNC was the face of the C50 face company.

Also in the test today, lawyer, Tran Hong Phuc, was the defendant Nguyen Thanh Hoa about the C50 who sent a recommendation to the General Department; Police of general awards and CNC companies, two people Nguyen Van Duong, Luu Thi Hong due to their home Add the C50 in the fight against crime and high tech technology.

The procurator Hoa said, he is a recognition of donations, co-ordination in crime prevention, and he does not. praising an award. Not only is CNC but many other organizations, enterprises and individuals have won the prize for inspiration.

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