RAW VIDEO: Chemical reduction to Delaware Memorial Bridge closure on both sides
Jerry Habraken, John J Jankowski Jr., Delaware News Journal

There was a toxicic gas from a chemical plant near the base of the Delaware Memorial Bridge on Sunday to close all series of traffic on a busy holiday weekend for more than six hours.

A hazmat crew was cited to Croda Inc. at New Castle at 4:16 p.m. for burning ethylene oxide, a highly concessionary gas, from a tanker on the site, according to Holloway Terrace General Fireman Mark Willis.

At 11:20 p.m., they were abducted and the bridge opened.

Ethylene oxide is used to make other chemicals, to consolidate and stimulate medical devices, according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The gas was removed from the tank that was aborted to a secure one. More than 70% of the gas outlet from the chemical tank said, said firewall spokesman George Greenley.

Out of 11:20 p.m. On Sunday, the etylene oxide was full, the chemical plant was named.

Residents in the neighbors of New Castle to the north of Moores Site commented on " Living in their homes, Richard McCabe, Castlebar Chief Constable. Admissions used 911 calls inside to inform residents.

No injuries were reported.

All north and south lines of Delaware Memorial Bridge closed about 5 p.m. as a precise measure as water crew responded, the speaker of River River Bay and Delaware Commission Jim Salmon said.

I interrupted Interstate 295 at I-95, and the traffic was removed to the Commodore Barry bridges, Walt Whitman or Ben Franklin. The density of the bridge on I-95 and other major roads has been adversely affected, causing a major delay for the end of the holiday weekend.

"We are really disturbing this inconvenient problem on our community and those who travel in the area," he said.

Dan Heneghan said his son and daughter, a diabolic, were tied to New Jersey side of the bridge, trying to return home to the north of Virginia. They just spent the holidays with Heneghan in Baile Ventnor.

Croda Inc. based in Britain is an internationally specialized chemical manufacturer.

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The two days at Delaware Memorial Bridge closed on Sunday after chemical queries from a building on Cherry Lane in New Castle on Sunday afternoon. (Picture: John J. Jankowski Jr./Special to The News Journal)

The Atlas Rubha, Croda & Delaware site, formulate formulas from medicine remedies to business chemicals. Croda bought the site from Uniqema in 2006.

The process is to convert ethanol to new ethylene oxide – something that Croda started to start; making less than six months at the point of Atlas Point, according to Greenley.

Atlas Point has had manufacturing operations for over 75 years.

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Interstate 295 traffic began to access Delaware, and # 39; leaving the Delaware Memorial Bridge at 5:50 p.m. The two roads north and south of the bridge are closed following chemical surgical reports at a New Castle building. (Picture: DelDOT)


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