The delivery of Technopol results is too fast, Praženková says


Praženková informed her that the chairman of the divisional court and to the court chairman of the district of the situation. "It was told me that the file was rebuilt and that it was an attempt to complete this file" she said and said there was a survey where an error occurred and where part of the file had disappeared.

There is a question of how it drew the effects and the next step too fast. The Advocate Chairperson invited Chair KS and the Chair of the OS to inform her about the state of the investigation. "Depending on the results, then I will consider the next step," she explained.

A lawsuit judged the information about the part of the file of the Technopol case file to the chairman of Bratislava, I Anna Kašajová, on 10 October. Two days later, ask her to rebuild the file. Gábor Gál (Most people) Justice Minister sent crime-related information to a person who was unidentified for his / her part; the file. It confirms the lack of pages 43 to 330 on its file, which is not clear.

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