The demand via Twitter by Marcelo Díaz adds to the followers: "He is deserve to be deceived" – National football


© Group One Order through Twitter by Marcelo Díaz to followers:

The raffle steering wheel gave a description of the party that will " opposed "Fantasist" and that would show the good wishes of professional pirates. TVN


When they gave a minute away The University of Chile Jump to the National Stadium range to face Iquique Sports, the steering wheel Races Marcelo Díaz made a special order through Twitter to the fans.

The message appears David Pizarro, who played his last game as an afternoon professional football player.

"David Pizarro's final game today at the National Park, today, has made a wonderful and rewarding race, an example to continue, my respect for him," the message is say.

"He is desirable to have been deceived so he can not and so show a good player in Chile football", he said, receiving a series of messaging that emphasized the role of the "Fantasy" and others; ask when he left the Roja.


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