The deputy first minister gave the eight students who were drowning in Hoa Binh The Society


Accordingly, having found out about the students who were drowned in the Da River section of Binh City during the afternoon of 21 March, the Deputy First Minister Vu Duc offered a great condolences to their families. At the same time, get representatives from the Ministry of Labor, Owners and Social Affairs – the Committee's standing group to visit children's families and encourage and co-ordinate with the area to overcome the impact of the accident.

The Deputy First Minister asked the Ministry of Labor, Owners and Social Affairs to recommend to local Population Committees to take account of and implement direct action units for accident prevention and prevention measures. T injury, overall infant injuries and the prevention of child drowning. in particular.

Encouraging communication and education to raise the awareness and responsibilities of agencies, groups and individuals about drowning and child control.

Influencing and persuading families of families regularly to care for and monitor children, especially in the wet and stormy season and the flowering season; make children learn how to swim, learn safety skills in the water environment; spreading knowledge and skills of child drowning to prevent and control people and children.

Areas will review and identify areas of risk of accidents drowning or occurring regularly to take proactive steps to prevent child safety and ensure safety.

Develop and implement coordination amongst departments and unions in preventing child drowning.

Previously, on the evening of 21 March, after eating, a group of secondary school pupils went to the river to learn and drowned 8 children. The remaining respondents reported incorrectly on the numbers of students going to decline and therefore the police and schools are reviewing further.

Le Huu Viet

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