The Deputy First Minister went on the field to plow the harvest for good crops


On the morning of 11 February (7th of January of the moon calendar), Doi Mac's Division of Forces (Field fill) ran in 2019. This is the 10th anniversary of President Dien Dien Doi Mac to be re- been updated.

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Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh; old Deputy Chief of Nguyen Thi Doan, Middle Chairman of the Vietnam Promotion of the Association of Supervision, for the festival

In attendance at the festival this year, Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh; former Deputy President Nguyen Thi Doan, President of the Central Society for the Supervision of Vietnam's Supervision; Representatives from central and local organizations and many people and visitors from the cross.

Fèis nam Fèisean continue to preserve traditional rituals and indigenous games as a buffalo design competition; spun, pull buffalo and bridge bridge … Many huts will include agricultural and handicrafts. Local residents' voices are also on display to promote a unique local culture.

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This is the 10th anniversary of the Doi Mac Citizenship Festival

Attendance at President A's filling from the early morning, according to a PV chart, the festival arrangements are almost complete. The CSC attempts, traffic police, and fire and fire forces in the Ha Nam department also have a " come from already to do the job. Thousands of people in the Ha Nam department and continents also set out their daily work to go to President's seat.

After the drumming was to open the festival for the dragon's dance, a resident instead of the department's headquarters as the previous fèisean, he read the text before the throne of Dai Hanh and Than Nong and D & # 39; He named President Doi Son 2019.

After that, Deputy Prime Minister Hoa Binh and former President Nguyen Thi Doan, President of the Prime Committee of the Vietnam Supervisory of Auditism, and chiefs of ministries, middle branches and Haimi district leaders offered a boost. King Le Dai Hanh and Than Nong.

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Deputy Prime Minister Hoa Binh and former Vice President of the School, Nguyen Thi Doan, President of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Monitoring Promotion Association, and chiefs of ministries, intermediate branches and Haui's district leaders. offering the king's incense with Dai Hanh and Than Nong

Speaking at the festival, Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh considered the refurbishment of Festival Festival Festivals Ha Nam. This is a rich human festival, which inspires the importance of it; agriculture is, awakening ground, crop crops … This is also an opportunity to stimulate the profile of Vietnamese people. Filling Fèisean as an authority to launch people to a new service, increase productivity.

The Deputy Prime Minister also praises the Ha Nam department in particular and the wider nation needs to promote the spirit of the festival today, recommends agricultural development related to new rural development …

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Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh spoke at Doi President's Festival 2019

Delivering older people's work, opened the opening of its & # 39; Chair encourages a culture of farmers, and reminds the people of rural towns to go to; live in good faith and good faith. Fèis nam Fèisean is also an opportunity for people to remember their roots, take the historical memories, and wish for good luck.

An old farmer is revitalizing the image of King Le Dai Hanh who goes up to the ritual to report King Le and Than Nong, after that, behaving Cuu Long, who wear a Hoang Bao shirt and his / her; go down to the field to give plowing to 3 sons, the king's continuation as willow Seeds contain green beans, peunuts and rushes. After the king was plowing, plowing the local chiefs and the old farmers 9 sow.

After that, Deputy First Minister Truong Hoa Binh "pulled" down the field to plow in Doi areas. It's like to wake up the ground, telling a spring earthquake, and starting the season, a & # 39; The house is full.

According to historical documents as well as folklore in the people, the spring of Dinh Hoi, 7th anniversary of Thien Phuc (ie 987), King Le Dai Hanh returned to the base of the Doi mountain to mark the completion of the Fair, plowing to encourage cultivation of arable people. This is the first Presidential Demonstration in Vietnam for registration.

Later on, this ceremony continued and became a tradition made by humanities afterwards. The festival has been renewed and made forever and successfully under the Nguyen Regiment.

Also at this time, Ha Nam People's Committee gave qualifications of qualifications and emulation banners to 13 societies in the department that made complete performance in the # 39; Moving "Building a new rural building in 2018", increasing the total number of committees that meet rural levels. There are 91 associations of Ha Nam province.

Some photographs of the Do Chair's Festival Chair in 2019

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The buffalo and tree are prepared for the "King" ritual to go to the field to plow.

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King Le Dai Hanh's application process from Long Doi's pagoda to President's place to complete

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The drumming and dragon show performed by women in Doi Tam who participated in the Festival

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Many people stood outside watching

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An old farmer was selected for the spiritual gathering ceremony by the spiritual priest Le Dai Hanh and Than Nong

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This farmer will throw a mask and his / her; wear a jacket with long spear

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After that, "King" will descend to the field attack

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Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh came to the field to plow in the Dien President's festival in the Doi Mac

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Followed by the spawning team.

Toan Vu – Duc Van

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