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In August 2014, the fifth and sixth soldiers of the global Galileo global navigation system were put into the place. Even though the soldiers were not put into bloody in a complex orbit, they should rarely have a physical test.

There were two independent researchers, one led by Pacôme Delva of the Paris Theater in France, and Sven Herrmann from the University of Bremen in Germany, Follow established sets to look for holes in the general theory of Einstein.

Eric Poisson, a physicist at the University of Guelph in Ontario who did not participate in the research, "General genuine friendship is the deepest global proof. So far, many experiments have supported this. " He says. However, general scientific experts can not be combined with the laws of the common tools that are; explains energy behavior and small-scale subjects. Poisson, "This is one of the signs that Einstein did not mean micro-creativity. This is a very good way, but more than the story." in shape.


Indian researchers: Einstein's Messages and mystery

Einstein's theory states that the focus will be moved as the thing that grows is; grow. So a clock on Earth will be slower than an hour in an Orbit of Earth. This time is the name called a probationary extension. With this pattern, any movements from the top can be & # 39; gives physical ideas for a new theory that puts deeper connectivity and quantum physics.

The Galileo troops climbed in 2014 in about 8500 kilometers twice, even after they were adapted to get involved in round orbits. The Delva and Hermann teams were looking for three years to change frequencies in frequency as often as there were warships in satellites. In a test test test that was done earlier in 1976, when the suborbital rocket Gravity Probe-A was thrown into the air with a atomic clock on the plane, the researchers found that common homosexuality was & Expectations of frequency frequency with uncertainty of 1.4 × 10 ^ -4.


Communications at NASA's 2 Satelites to Mars

Recent studies in the magazine of Corporate Review Literature have proven Einstein and increase its accuracy by 5.6 times. So the theory of homosexuality – at least for the time – is still valid.

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