The Devil in the Detail: What is the criteria that do? for Genting Singapore Limited (SGX: G13)? FCF runs to -0.190070


Share 5f Measure is calculated by FFF by; provides a five year standard cash flow of company, and divides it with the current enterprise value. Value Initiative is measured by taking a & # 39; market profit as well as debt, minority interest and their preferred departments, without cash and cash equivalents. The average FCF of a company is determined by looking at the money that comes from work. company. The Cash Flow Fees 5 Year Average Standard of Genting Singapore Limited (SGX: G13) 0.093138.

Many traders who use technical analysis to make stock trading decisions. One of the technical characteristics of the producer of the mobile average. Average variable numbers are different and can be used to reduce stock prices. A mobile average can be used to help you to set up basic moves and to # 39; see guiding changes at an early stage. Moving average can be shown from different times. Depending on the time frame used when you are & # 39; Keeping track of average moving levels, investors can buy and sell brands based on stock prices that are in stock; proceed with a special MA. Many traders who use MA exhibitions together with other technical features to help with # 39; Identify the best conditions for entry and exit points.

Moving gears, we can see that Q.i. at Genting Singapore Limited (SGX: G13). Value 13.00000. An Q.i. Value-added companies using four equalities. These combinations include EBITDA Out, FCF Effects, Liquidation, and Output Results. Reason of Q.i. It's worth helping to identify the most valuable companies. Usually, the lowest value is lower, and worse the company tends to be.

Analyzing some of the valuation categories, Genting Singapore Limited (SGX: G13) has a comparative Value score of 35. Developed by James O & Shaughnessy, the VC score is a & # 39; using five valuation comparisons. These rates include prices for jobs, cash flow, EBITDA to EV, price to book value, and sale price. The VC is displayed as a number between 1 and 100. In general, a company with a closer score to 0 would be considered to be of great value, and that a score closer to 100 would be more than a company designation. Equipping six equalities to each other, the result of sections, we can watch the score of Values ​​2 that is currently sitting at 28.

Looking at some of the dominant historical figures on sections of Genting Singapore Limited (SGX: G13), we see the current 12 months now 29.995300. It is 31.301800 for more than 6 months, and shows 3 months at 33.199200. After unstable data you can help to quantify what the stock price has increased over the specified time. Although there may be an ineffective activity; It may be possible to assist future stock priority, it may be quite different when it looks at other things that may be & # 39; temporarily driving prices.

The C-Score system is developed by James Montier who helps & # 39; verify whether a company is involved in authenticating their financial statements. The Sgòr-C is measured by a variety of objects, which includes a difference that is in a position; Increase in cash flow is a net income prize, what is growing day, sales of day shows; grow, increase property sales, decrease in depression, and a significant increase in assets. Scout-C is from Genting Singapore Limited (SGX: G13) 0.00000. The score areas on a scale of -1 to 6. If the score -1, there is insufficient information to determine the Score-C. If the number is zero (0), there is no proof of illegal books cooking, but a number of 6 show that there is unlawful work. The Scout-C helps investors in & # 39; Assess the likelihood of a company being quiz in the books.

Piñoski F Scheme is a scoring system between 1-9 which determines the company's financial strength. The score helps & # 39; confirm whether or not company stock is valuable. It is the Piñoski F Score of Genting Singapore Limited (SGX: G13) 6. A score of nine shows a highly stocking stock, and one score is a & # 39; shows low value stock. The score is calculated by means of the return of resources (ROA), the cash flow flow (CFROA) product, as a result of assets, and the quality of employment. It is also measured by a change in surrender or leverage, lending, and a change in sections in a case. The score is also set by a change in the total boundary and a change in asset change.

It is a formula in the MF Rank (aka the Magic Formula) that is a Demonstrating the valuable importance of trading at a good price. The formula is calculated by looking at companies with a high yield of earnings as well as investing capital returns. The MF Rank of Genting Singapore Limited (SGX: G13) 3444. A low-grade company is regarded as a good company to invest. The Magic Bulletin was included in a book written by Joel Greenblatt, entitled "The Little Book Distribution.

The Credit Capital Outcome (aka ROIC) for Genting Singapore Limited (SGX: G13) 0.157879. The result is a financial capital ratio that determines whether or not a profitable company is. It tells owners how well a company has; turn the capital into profits. ROIC is calculated by dividing its & # 39; net operating profit (or EBIT) to employ the capital. The capital employed is calculated by incorporating current assets of total assets. In the same way, it is a device in which; Capital Capital Return ratio Credit in assessing the quality of ROICs to & # 39; company over five years. The quality of ROIC at Genting Singapore Limited (SGX: G13) is 4.318791. This is calculated by dividing a five year average ROIC with the 5 year ROIC General Statement. A 5 year ROIC average is calculated to use the average five year EBIT, a five year average (net operating capital and fixed based assets). It is a 5 year ROIC average of Genting Singapore Limited (SGX: G13) 0.107012.

Price index

It is a ratio in which; Price Index which reverts the share price of the department over time. Price 0.98947 is the price index of Genting Singapore Limited (SGX: G13) for its & # 39; last month. This is calculated by taking a & # 39; current share price and share with the # 39; Shared price per month If the ratio exceeds 1, this means that there is an increase in price over the month. If the ratio is less than 1, we can prove that there is a price reduction. In the same way, investors look up and down; shared price over 12 months. The Price 12m Index for Genting Singapore Limited (SGX: G13) is 0.72222.

Reservoirs may need to recall them again that they do not need to lock them into any trade. Sometimes, even the best business may have on research. Negotiating down loss can be a dangerous game even for the investor investor. Investors can carry out a special deal with the hope that the stock will finally stopped and can even break even. In fact, this can be a matter of time, but there is the chance that stock can be climbing down. Investors who are capable of controlling their feelings and managing their roles can calmly, little benefit themselves when making hard decisions. No-one can definitely say the way in which market speed can be; climbing on a special day, but to be ready for those numbers to help the trader or the investor make the best decisions at any time.

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