The director of the PU Maribor is against his mother; suggesting the introduction of a disciplinary procedure


The procedure within which Maribor's Policing Director, Danijel Lorbek, opposed Robert Mundo, leader of the Criminals of Maribor, began to complete. She plans to initiate disciplinary proceedings against Munda, but will be completed by Chief Executive of the Tatjana Bobnar Police.

Intranet method with the Police Administration Director (PU) Maribor Daniel Lorbek praised against an offender chief Roberta Mundo closed, reports fecer.siSouth Westerly

"Staff behavior, even a free time, has damaged the reputation of the police," the results. Lorbek praised Mundo to initiate a disciplinary procedure. "In accordance with Code of Police Ethics, in private life, police officers need to take care of their protection and confirm their reputation and reputation; police forces, and in this regard we need to ensure strengthening the strengthening of police organization, which can not be strengthened by a police officer in this case " the reasons for the leader's decision were said by PU Maribor's public relations representative Look ShadlSouth Westerly

What the effects of the proposal will have to initiate a control mechanism for the Mundo, or if it is not clear, and the disciplinary procedure will be decided by the Chief of the Police Tatjana Bobnar, she still reports fecer.siSouth Westerly

Questions about Lorbk's decision details were also sent to Šadla, we wait for answers.

Remember …

On 8 February, the head of the Maribor Criminal Investigation Department was arrested in alcoholic alcohol traffic. In the air that was done, the alcohol test showed that there were 0.51 milligrams of alcohol every lir of breath. Mundi has fined 900 euros and 16 points for police and alcohol-driven driving.

Munda said the event was regrettable and that he was "a" maid.

As announced by Bobnar, however, the organizational changes and necessary staff will be implemented quickly to ensure that there are sufficient conditions for effective work at Maribor's administration.

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