The director will be hanged in position & # 39; 100% off for winning the application


– The Ha Trung (Thanh Hoa) People's chairman, chairman of the position of the managing director of a 100-million DN 100 million DN regional project project to win the bid.

The fastest 34,000 billion accountant speaker & # 39; matrix of project offers

$ 4.8 billion black water asset of 15 contractors

Committee Secretary of the Ha Tinh Departmental People, Nguyen Van Tuan, said that the area has decided to suspend the post for Mr Le Van Tuyen, managing board of a project in the Ha Trung area.

Previously, on 30th October, the Thanh Hoa district police proceeded, he opposed the accused and prevented leaving the residence for Mr. Tuyen has been in & # 39; fraud in property acquisition.

On 6 November, the UB Local Party Committee Committee has decided to put forward a Party Party Committee to suspend the position of a secretary member, Mr Tuyen's party.

The director will be hanged in position & # 39; 100% off for winning the application
Mr Le Van Tuyen

Previously, as VietNamNet said, in May 2018, a Manh Phu (Ha Dong Commune, Ha Trung District) Co-operative Stock Company, Mr Hoang Chi Minh was a leader, an invitation bid for a & # 39; building project Ha Thai's cultural hall includes the total investment of 3.7 billion.

Then the company took part in the application as a # 39; key contractor. On June 1, Mr Minh received a call from Mr Le Van Tuyen, Managing Director of the Ha Trung District Project, that the central government has given a 1 billion VND budget for its project and its; recommend 100 million VND to spend if you wish to win.

When he did not see Mr Minh's views, Mr Tuyen continued to go to her; calling and threatening her & # 39; project left to others. Fear of impact on work, on June 4, Mr Minh for staff who are working on the job. keep 100 million to Tuyen.

Thanh Hoa: The director received $ 100 million to win the application

Thanh Hoa: The Director is 100 million to win the application

The management board leader of a Ha Trung (Thanh Hoa) project is being asked to hit 100 million dong of a company, or did not win the application.

The delegation leader will represent the Hanoi National Assembly and send 4 districts to a text message "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Leadership leaders represented the National Assembly of Hanoi and 4 departments to inform the coverage of the coverage

Leaders, former leader of the producer of Hanoi and Quang Binh, Quang Tri, TT-Hue, Quang Nam were threatened to be a leader. delete.

Two old generals and court giants, who started to get rid of the money "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Two old generals and court giants, who set up the money to hide

Although the two deputy headteachers, Phan Sao Nam and Nguyen Van Duong in court,

Le Duong

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