The disability was launched …


After its first registration, Article 21 of the Law provided a clear breach of the rate of salaries and salaries, which suspended employment in law; budget until it scrutinized the needs of the administration following the review of a public administration structure in Lebanon. By blocking all types of employment, contracts are listed in different areas that are more than five thousand temporary contracts, and the number can be higher than the number of & # 39; expecting that several departments refused to respond to the main scrutiny book, which gave each department and public center to respond to its end of October 2018, Recalling the need to & # 39; unsuccessfully surrendered, asking President Judge George Attieh to threaten to show the names of the departments through the media by the end of this month.

Al-Nahar, head of Finance and Budget Committee, BP Ibrahim Kanaan, said about the file and the anomalies of all kinds. He responded to the report; ask the committee to take part in a review before inviting the contract officers to a consultation session as article 21 of the document is; the law of the lines and the salary series of the reform phase that should not be forgotten. Two or no basket or not. We need to investigate the inspectors, the audit agencies and the Civil Service Council for the need or finesse, not to prevent anyone, but to regulate and improve the state .
He said that the committee will prepare a detailed report that will be sent to the parties that make it. Politically, administratively and legally related, the Council of Ministers and State Advisory Council, which is considered to be the highest of the Executive Court. Deep decisions must be made in this area. He explained that the file's operation was formally formalized, and in a great way, to put everyone in front of the responsibility.

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