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Wednesday, 21 November 18 08:00 AM (GMT + 7)

A description of the sick days, many people who are sick; Immediately thinking of a baby's baby's ill health image. However, the story does not work hard at # 39; his mother is behind, many children have many of the emotions.

The movie surprised me because of my thoughts

The short-lived social network recently gave viewers the opportunity to understand the most vulnerable emotions of the child during a sick days. Only in a short time, the film quickly reached almost 4 million scenes with thousands of ideas, interactive, showing the community's attention to the majority.

The story of a network is divided over the last few days

Near the end of the film, the unwanted look of the children makes them accidentally watched. Apparently, the child's soul is very clear but also the colors are interesting, especially the deep feelings. Parents often think about when sick children are ill, leaving school, but with children's unexpected holidays to be "very valuable". It's not just the tiredness of its disease; but also a regret to see a crucial opportunity. As in the short film, Quoc Anh is the "first" appearing, to build on his lover, experience he will not get back. He is still very happy, but the message is very clear to parents: The disease can be cured, but the feeling of pain remains in the child's fragments. In your child's incompatibility.

Reduce half of the sick days to lose the precious things

With this exciting new message, the short film has brought sympathy to many parents, especially the famous mothers division.

Diep Chi thinks if Sumo's daughter also has a life as a short film, and is willing to make up for her at the end.

The disease can be cured, but this child is hard to feel! - 1

Diep Chi, mother of Shumo, realized the feelings of her children when they stole a valuable opportunity.

MC Quynh Huong recalled the memories of life when the illness needed to provide the important student test.

The disease can be cured, but this child is hard to feel! - 2

Unhappy memories she left in MC Quûnh Hương, much nostalgia

Not only are there mothers, many people have looked after their grid also; Understand children's feelings when the illness comes suddenly, they have to lament what you love.

The disease can be cured, but this child is hard to feel! - 3

"Dai Nghia" describes his & # 39; His first degree and sympathy to a "little prince".

The disease can be cured, but this child is hard to feel! - 4

Dinh Chi Trung's journalist, author of many inspiring photos about Vietnamese children, has been involved in Lifebuoy forces in primary schools.

With its loss, there is a breach in fewer days of illness, and Maintaining good personal hygiene is a base. Ann, he'll train how you use to & # 39; Wash hands often with soap to remove tetanus bacteria as a simple but highly effective way of the World Health Organization.

The disease can be cured, but this child is hard to feel! - 5

Participating in the campaign from the early days, Dr Hoang Quoc Tuong (Lecturer Pediatrics – University of Medicine and the HCMC Pharmacy) Advise all children to use "professional" handhelds because this use is used to use a " 35-47% offset from the risk of hand and foot disease, diarrhea, typhoid … which they do not; Lament for any moment of life.

Lifebuoy has also responded to World Day's response to Bluetooth Bedroom Cleaning 2018 with his / her; mission "Decrease the number of sick days". Creating and & # 39; maintain their use to wash hands with soap, child's illness days will slowly decrease, Children are full of memorable opportunities and meaning of life.

The disease can be cured, but this child is hard to feel! - 6

Just because a day is sick, your child may be able to; spend lots of interesting situations! Lifebuoy believes that children can be Hand reduction with the soap of their children. With every Lifebuoy bottle that you buy, a child will be taught to have a soap opera with soap, towards the purpose of "To reduce the number of sick days – for a healthy Vietnam."

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