The district chairman is renowned for becoming an expert


On the afternoon of November 20, the Dak Nong Country Committee published the move to Mr Nguyen Ngoc Long, Chairman of the People's Committee of the Tuy Duc area (Dak Nong province). So Mr Long was moved to work as an expert in managing the Dak Nong Diademist Park. According to the change decision, Mr Long will formally accept a new work on December 3, Mr Long is responsible for issuing all working and related documents to a & # 39; group from now until the end of November 30.

A special thing is the captain of a district president - Picture 1.

Mr Nguyen Ngoc Long signed the paper for a & # 39; Using a pine forest in a wrong order, procedures and authority to continue to go to # 39; the destruction of woodland pine

Earlier, the Dak Nong Local Party Committee decided to leave members of the Area Local Committee, Member of the Standing Committee of the Parochial Committee Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Area Party Committee for Long.

As a newspaper Speaker In May 2018, the Dak Nong District Committee Committee's Audit Committee made a decision on Mr Long's warning statement due to the difficulties and breach of his / her. the decision to provide the certificate. Get the right land properly without changing proper land use; To rely on each other and include several of them to allow the number of lower level officers to go to; commit crimes in the land management area that they are over; To record meetings of a number of chairs that have not yet qualified for cadres titles and the order and procedures, including issues related to brothers; Do not follow the rules of work of the Committee of the population in the Tuy Duc area, which continue to be & # 39; record documents in the methods, order and wrong authority.

For the content of the signing documents that are not in accordance with the rules, order and authority, according to our understanding, Mr. Long name of a document to agree to take advantage of a pine forest with the BuKoh Community Forest Management Board The Dak R & D, district area of ​​Tuy Duc district is not by authority, the right order is not signed and not monitored for adverse effects.

In particular, after the policy was used to use dead pine trees, it was broken down, the item saved hundreds of new pine trees. Expansion of the investigation, the police were arrested, arrested by Nguyen Van Minh, Chairman of the Dakh's House Committee, for the adoption of bubbles to achieve the target range of deforestation to give up.

In addition, recently the Provincial Party Jura Committee also completed from 2013 to date, Mr. Long married his wife got money from a large number of individuals, high rates of interest as well as the rules ; Unless compliance with commitments, Mr Long's family has been in debt several times, not being able to pay debts, and as a result of being cited. Following a review, at the end of October 2018, the country's Party Party Committee in Dak Nong defeated Mr Long in the form of excavation.

Photograph: C. Raw

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