The Doan Trang family is colorful with colorful style


Viewing the minute sequence of & # 39; break of Doan Trang's family.

Recognized as one of the happiest families from Vietnam's showbiz, the audience always likes the Doan Trang family with happy pictures. Since marrying and catching a daughter, Doan Trang has spent more time for her family. It's only a fantastic participation and exhibitions and showcases of television shows.

Doan Trang and her husband often travel together, at important times, the whole family will be with Sweden to her husband and her daughter; have the opportunity to visit the family.

A description of the daughter of Doan Trang, from birth, Sun is always at one of the girls in her; the public. Adopting the West, the baby Sol is more spectacular and more beautiful, she is regarded as one of the most beautiful showbiz of a multi-shaped 4 angels style.

Often Doan Trang dropped sun, & # 39; going to the event with her mother to become more pregnant with her environment. He was born as a baby child, Sol's baby who was lucky to travel with parents in many parts of the world from an early age, as well as his parents. beauty, everyone who likes the child is Sun. The pretty and stylish dress as a young physician.

Returning to Vietnam after a trip to October, last year, Doan Trang with her husband West and the girl with a well-designed street style through Tony Dinh's lens lens. With the happy and colorful way, the Doan Trang family will show happy months together happily.

Doan Trang said she would like to make clothes for her little princess and her husband. This is a rare opportunity for the whole family of Doan Trang to engage in a collection of such special and unique photographs.

Let's see some of the Doan Trang children:

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