The doctor was accused of registering naked patients, posting children's pornography, on social media.


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By Minyvonne Burke

A doctor in the Denver area has been arrested for claiming he has made video of young patients, nakedness and posting sexy video videos and photos of children on social media, while federal authorities said that he had not been t .

Justin Bowen Neisler, 31, started in October after Tumbl's officers reported that he had again sent pornography to the census, according to court documents.

"After your Tumblr account has gone down, the defender opened a new account and starts repeating child pornography," he adds.

The authorities investigated Neisler's Denver earlier this month and acquired many large storage devices and computer cameras. He was arrested by the FBI on 13 March after the attack, in District Office of the State Solicitor's Office in Colorado.

During an interview with examiners, Neisler admitted "he had made a video which submitted" nude a boy as young as 11 in physical examinations, according to the documents. "

"According to the representative, a review of these videos showed that the defender showed satisfaction from the exams," said the court documents.

Neisler's lawyer declined to comment on the audit when NBC News informed him.

Neisler was accused of carrying child pornography, and up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

He was allowed to use medicine in Colorado and Georgia from 2016, the Solicitor's Office said. No calls were made to Colorado Medical Board and to the return of Georgia Medical Composite Board.

A spokesman for Centura Health reported that Neisler was accused of the charge while he was worried. Anthony North Family Medicine is very disturbed and disturbed.

The spokesman also said that they can tell all patients who may be interacting with Neisler.

“After the FBI was discontinued he was made redundant. These complaints are worrying us. This is completely different from our mission and core values. There is no room for behavior affecting children in our community, or for anyone going around the systems and processes we have in place to ensure their safety, "the statement is. to read.

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