"The doctor's spirit" .. Geology warns citizens of bad weather


07:30 p

Wednesday 13 March 2019

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Photographs – Jalal Al-Messiri

Asked Dr.. Ahmed Abdel-Aal, head of the General Commission for Climate Science, has warned every citizen to take care of the bad weather which hit the country for Wednesday and Thursday.

The Meteorology chief, in reports to "Masrawi," disease owners and respiratory illness said to stay away from dust and open areas open to wind, and go to a doctor soon, and also asking him to drivers can be very careful in driving, especially when Traffic is okay.

Also, fishermen and sailors were advised of their care, especially those with small boats, during the Bahrain period and the average of fishing and other vessels, such as t the result of the high waves in Bahrain and current climate fluctuations.

The Meteorology General Commission published the expected weather on Wednesday, with unstable weather, and the south-east sandy and dust winds include most of the route, sometimes by t This is likely to lead to a decline in road visualization and marine destruction in the Mediterranean.

In a statement, the group said there had been a huge drop in temperatures in the north of the country north of Upper Egypt, to average north weather, warm for the north of Egypt, and t he stayed hot for this time of year in southern Egypt during the day, Low and middle, with the possibility of rain coming from the north coasts and coastal areas to Cairo.

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