The dollar drops 30 cents to $ 38.49, in the center of a new offer for Letes


He is in conformity with him Single Free Trade Market (MULC), where the money loses 5 cents to $ 37.61, after paying installments at $ 37.55.

In an informal market, for her, a blue opera stable $ 37.50, according to the survey of this media in caves in the middle of Buenos Aires. At the same time, the "contado con liqui" closed almost $ 27.65.

It should be noted that the offer is finalized on June 28 of the next year for a period of 196 days, at a maximum price of 975.13 per 1,000 dollars, which is equivalent to the designated annual level of 4.75%, the same level of last placement placement. The show ceremony began on Tuesday at 10 o'clock and ends at 15 on Wednesday.

At the same time, on Monday, due to bad international weather due to the fear of the investors about growing up in the US-China trade war, the 42 cents burst .

In the retail section, where the money got 26 cents to $ 37.66, in a tour where you can find it. The Middle Bank was worth a small increase in Leliq, to ​​59.60% annually, adding $ 121,663 million. It was 59.60% the highest level awarded and b & It is the lowest number of 56.998%.

Notable workers, although the offer was over $ 38 billion, it was not shown in an increase in the purchase of money as it happened last Friday. In this regard, the BCRA stores indicated that more than pesos were expected as a result of seasonal change than the expected cash base for December.

"External factors are again comparing the development of the dollar that leaves a range of sustainability that the economic authorities have achieved and to Over time over and down clearly does not explain move for the next few days ", analyst Gustavo Quintana, of PR Corredores de Cambio, said.

In addition, they said from ABC Market of Changes "The retailer again rises to show that the concerns of local market activists include risk hazard due to the fear of causing trade disruption between the USA and China ".

It should be noted that the money rose by 0.5% in Mexico, up 0.6% and Chile increased 0.3%.

Other cash markets

In the bank market between banks, the "loss of loss" was used at an average of 58%.

In ROFEX, $ 557 million were settled, with more than 50% agreed between December and January, with final prices at $ 38.73 and $ 40.52 with levels of 49.38% and 53.31% TNA, separately. Income rises over $ 0.25, and # 39; including the increase in American money, which raises the face of their punishment.

Ultimately, BCRA's international resources were $ 55 million on Friday to $ 50,050 million.

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