The dollar expands the losses in the world and Chile's punishment is the third best money that is in the past; appear


The dollar expands the decline in global markets, in a day of care among investors before the parliamentary policy meeting of the Army Reserve and the talks between China and the United States for a trade war begins .

The Dollar Index – which calculates the achievement of the money against a basket of six world monies – works with a decrease of 0.02% time and is behind to its third continuous day marked to the snow.

Reservoirs still await the Deer's decision where they expect the Scottish Open Market Committee (FOMC) to stopping the circle in priority, between the continuous signals that are in place; going on in the economy.

At a local level, a few minutes after the opening of its interbank market, the dollar is named at $ 669.5, which is represents a reduction of $ 3.1 compared to the previous closure.

The performance of Chile's improvement reflects the revival of copper prices, a significant reference to national money. The red metal contracts for March increase 0.62% and are ranked at US $ 2.69 per pound in London, pre-directed in commercial war.

"The exchange rate opens up to the lower, depending on the weaknesses of the internationally advanced dollar for the third day after each other and the copper that is & # 39; climbing after a sharp fall yesterday, "a & # 39; explains Alpari Research, market analysis César Valencia.

With this broad view, Silein is the third money that comes to the top that is so popular.

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